ORMGOasis Resource Management Group
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Upventur and Yonder (now "Yonder by Upventur") are trademarks of ORMG.
(i) Red feldspathic silty sand (ORMR) on path north-west of a prominent meander in Ormiston Creek (23[degrees]45'S, 132[degrees] 59'E) and gravels in the meander bed (ORMG), both overlying the granitic bedrock of Ormiston Pound, 100km west of Alice Springs (Northern Territory).
The third type of Zr behaviour is shown by the fiver gravel sample from Ormiston (ORMG), which has depleted levels of Zr and no marked size fractionation, a pattern which we attribute to loss of coarse zircons by hydraulic sorting of heavy minerals.