ORMOOchotniczej Rezerwy Milicji Obywatelskiej (Polish: Voluntary Reserve Civic Militia)
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Ormo and his colleagues, who studied two craters called Lockne and Malingen, which lie about 16km apart in northern Sweden results, found that the Malingen was of same age as Lockne, about 458 million years old, confirming that the area was rocked by a double asteroid strike during the Ordovician Period.
Evelyn joins her husband Julius "Jack" Ormo who passed in 1958 and is survived by her son Randell Ormo; daughters Jacqueline Ormo and Elizabeth (Ormo) Hanka and her husband Peter all of Worcester.
La hipotesis de que se tratara de un fundido de impacto meteoritico, basada en la identificacion preliminar por difraccion de rayos X de un mineral de alta presion (Diaz Martinez et al., 2001a), tambien ha sido recientemente descartada, al no haber podido ser corroborada su presencia por microscopia electronica de transmision ni microscopia Raman (Diaz Martinez y Ormo, 2003; Diaz Martinez, 2004).
Swedish geologist Jens Ormo discovered the crater after spotting a photograph of an unusually round lake in Italy's SirenteVelino Regional Park.
When Stanley Kubrick made 2001: A Space Odyssey, he didn't have an Ormo Bakeries logo on the side of his spinning space station, and not once has Darth Vader broken off from a light sabre battle to tell us that he banks with First Trust!
Hadrian's Brasserie in the Balmoral Hotel pulls off a miracle comparable to feeding 5,000 with a packet of Bird's Eye and two Ormo pans - making Scots cuisine tasty.
On several occasions in 1980-81 the Church disappointed the faithful by failing to take a lead, by underwriting the deals offered by the Party (which the Party subsequently and consistently reneged on) and by constantly appealing for peace and harmony when, even though this was most ardently desired by striking workers, the ORMO and ZOMO riot police and the various provocateurs would not have it so.
Turkish textile company Ormo, which is the largest exporter of wool in the world, invested [euro] Euros 500,000 in the spinning mill, and it plans to invest additional Euros[euro]500,000 in 2018.
ORMO C CITY -- Vice Presidential candidate Ferdinand Marcos Jr.
For the 56-year-old Belfast man has worked for the Ormo Bakery for 35 years.
Ormo. He said he hopes to provide an environment in which detailed discussions of subjects can be held free of accompanying partisan politics.