ORMPOffice of Resource Management and Planning (University of California, Davis)
ORMPOcean Resources Management Plan (Hawaii and Oregon)
ORMPOperational Risk Management Professional (International Council for Operational Risk Management)
ORMPOperational Risk Management Program
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In the stage of resampling detection, the ORMP algorithm is used to select a codeword which involves a nonzero element, which is closest to that in the testing sample as the resampling category.
To enhance the periodicity of silent frame's second derivative and reduce the interference of speech, we propose five audio resampling detection steps: (1) use of the Voice Active Detect (VAD) algorithm to divide a given audio signal into voice clips and silent frames; (2) calculation and transformation of the second-order difference into spectrum; (3) filtration of the audio frequency components through the high-pass filter and preservation of the frequency components of heavy resampling period; (4) use of the dictionary learning method to train resampling sparse classifiers; and (5) according to the test sample belonged to which codeword of the dictionary, calculated by ORMP, classification of the test sample.
We are committed to assisting the ORMP in establishing a records management program within the DOJ.