ORMSOracle Retail Merchandise System
ORMSOneta Ridge Middle School (Broken Arrow, OK)
ORMSOperations Research and Management Science
ORMSOperating Resource Management System
ORMSOffice of Regulatory and Management Services (United States Forest Service)
ORMSOperational Risk Management System (banking software)
ORMSOrder Routing and Management System
ORMSOperational Readiness Monitoring System
ORMSOrderly Room Management System
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Where our staff used to be able to complete a booking with no mandate for collecting patient information, the ORMS system requires that we collect specific information to complete a booking--and won't complete the transaction without that information.
In the comics, Ocean Master or Orm wants nothing more than the throne of Atlantis.
ORM has become the preferred and most popular paradigm to access relational data from object-oriented applications.
Just as fleet operators use the OPNAV ORM policy as a guide to manage risks in their daily operations and personal lives, the acquisition community and systems commands use these system safety processes to facilitate mitigation of system induced hazards without incurring excessive costs or unreasonably limiting performance of the weapon systems.
To get a feeling of how this works in ORM, suppose that our system is required to output reports like Table 1.
Applying ORM to a thorough pre-mission planning process provides a means to alleviate certain risk factors and helps ensure successful execution of the required tasks.