ORNCCOregon Network for Compassionate Communication
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patterns [ add addcc taddcc wrxxx and andcc tsubcc wrpsr or orcc taddcctv wrwim xor xorcc tsubcctv wrtbr sub subcc mulscc fpop1 andn andncc sll fpop2 orn orncc srl cpop1 xnor xnorcc sra cpop2 addx addxcc rdxxx jmpl _ _ rdpsr rett umul umulcc rdwim ticc smul smulcc rdtbr flush subx subxcc _ save _ _ _ restore udiv udivcc _ _ sdiv sdivcc _ _ ] is TABLE_F3 & op3 = { 0 to 63 columns 4 } The toolkit can handle opcode tables in row-major or column-major form.