ORNTOral Rehydration and Nutrition Therapy
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The 'gaps' in the isosurface around the checkball (indicated by the label in Figure 6(c)) occur due to the clearance between the checkball and the five guide lobes being very tight (< 10 [micro]m), below the spatial resolution of the ORNT data in this region (40 [micro]m).
"We went from accumulating businesses and adding people and programs, to issues surrounding exiting businesses and personnel," said the director of benefits strategy for Ornt's client.
"And there were so many moving pieces--divestitures, legacy issues, movements of physical facilities, governance, and even international issues." After spending time and effort putting pieces together as seamlessly as possible, Ornt suddenly was responsible for breaking those pieces apart again as neatly and efficiently as possible.
In the 32 Renal Disease Networks (Berg and Ornt, 1984), the incidence varies from 66 to 148 per million with an average of 99.
Berg, R.L., and Ornt, D.B.: End-stage renal disease: How many, how much?
The engine was controlled through a custom DRIVVEN-based engine controller, with automatic engine controls developed at ORNT with calibration based on manual engine mapping.
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