OROPOrgone Operation (utilizing a cloudbuster)
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He demanded that Centre must address the OROP issue soon in the larger interest of the jawans and country.
Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi prior to his election has promised with OROP movement that problems of pension will be solved in the light of six years old Supreme Court decision.
The deadlock between the government and the veterans over the implementation of OROP remains over the increase in pensions as the veterans are demanding an annual increase while the Indian government has suggested an increment every five years, which is not fair as the increase should be affected keeping in view the rate of inflation and ever-rising prices, which erode their pension income.
Major General Satbir Singh (retd), who heads the Indian Ex-Servicemen Movement, said, Whatever they have finally offered is not acceptable to us as it is nowhere close to the definition of OROP that had been accepted by Parliament.
Por ultimo, la regulacion de la pesca en la alta mar no se agota con la aplicacion de la Convemar y del Acuerdo, sino que es complementada con la creacion de organizaciones regionales de ordenacion pesquera, que regulan las pesquerias de recursos marinos compartidos, en un area marina especifica, y que cuentan con su propia estructura, como es el caso de la OROP del Pacifico Sur, que regula las especies transzonales y las especies discretas, diferenciadas o solamente de alta mar.
On this occasion, Dr Bhamre also presented the Raksha Mantri Awards for Excellence to the officials of the Department selected for their outstanding contribution in the areas of Procurement process streamlining in Air Force, Dynamic website for salary to soldiers in Army Medical Corps and e-audit of OROP.
However, in this particular case, the act of the opposition parties in highlighting the failure of the Modi-sarkar over OROP sidelined the army veteran's suicide issue and brought them to the limelight.
The Congress vice- president asserted that OROP was the right of military personnel and the government will have to give it.
We have the Pay Commission, OROP, and the need to keep pushing public investment.
The decision to roll out OROP without any further delay was taken after the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party's ideological fountainhead Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) threw its weight behind the agitating former defence personnel during the three-day review meeting it had with senior BJP leaders including Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Retired military personnel say that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had made some promises about increase in the pensions with regard to OROP in his speech on August 15, but nothing has been done yet.
The main ground for OROP is the early retirement when other employment is difficult to get and financial demand increases.