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ORPOxidation-Reduction Potential
ORPOffender Reentry Program
ORPOriginal Research Proposal (graduate studies)
ORPOriginal Retail Price
ORPOptional Retirement Program
ORPOpen Router Project
ORPOff Road Pipe
ORPOffice of River Protection
ORPOffice of Research and Publications (various schools)
ORPOff Road Parking (housing, UK)
ORPObjective Rally Point (Army)
ORPOrganisational-Review Programme (Ireland)
ORPOffice of Radiation Protection
ORPOakdale Research Park (Univerity of Iowa)
ORPOral Rehydration Point (health resource)
ORPOrigo Resource Partners (UK)
ORPOpen Runtime Platform
ORPOffice of Radiation Programs (US EPA)
ORPOperational Recovery Plan
ORPOcean Reception Point (US DoD)
ORPOperational Readiness Platform
ORPOperational Ration Pack
ORPOperational Research Project (India)
ORPOverall Responsible Party (public HIV surveillance official)
ORPOkret Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej (Polish: Ship of the Polish Republic; Poland)
ORPOccurrence Reporting Program
ORPOriginating Responsibility Plan
ORPOil Recovery Plant
ORPOrganizational Performance Review
ORPOperation Readiness Plan
ORPOperational Requirements Panel
ORPOficina de Responsabilidad Pública (Spanish, Guatemalan Internal Affairs office)
ORPOperative Radiated Power
ORPOptical Recorder Peripheral
ORPOrdinary Renewal Process
ORPOrder Review Point
ORPOptical Reference Plane
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NCCN ORP draws on the expertise of investigators from NCCN Member Institutions and their affiliated hospitals to facilitate all phases of clinical research.
Originally built for the Royal Navy in Clydebank's John Brown's shipyard, the ORP Piorun entered service in the Polish Navy in November 1940 with a crew of 220 officers and men, under the command of Commander Eugeniusz Plawski.
Comparisons of continence between ORP and RARP are mixed, with demonstration of no significant difference at 3 months following surgery in some cases, (2) faster return to continence with RARP in other cases (16 vs.
Future sensors will target the full spectrum of pH and ORP applications in the power, utilities, petrochemical, chemical, and pulp and paper industries.
The measurement electrode for ORP is platinum metal and for pH it is a glass electrode.
On this visit ORP Czernicki from Poland is accompanied by the Royal Navy's HMS Echo, HNLMS Urk from the Netherlands, BNS Bellis from Belgium, ORP Czajka also from Poland, FGS Wilheim from Germany and HNOMS Hinnoey from Norway.
ORP and WRPS are committed to meeting the regulatory requirement of a consent decree to retrieve waste from all the tanks in C Farm by September 2014.
5) and ORP levels (700 mV), the biocidal elements of neutralized EO water are similar to those of acidic EO water and also include H[O.
The retirement benefits under an ORP are a function of the returns generated by the investments chosen by the employee in the retirement plan.
The Model 3900 is a combination sensor including pH, ORP and temperature within the sensor body.
The Signet 8900 Multi-Parameter Controller features up to four channels in a compact, cost-effective 1/4 DIN package * for measuring flow, pH, ORP, conductivity, pressure, level and temperature.
TRNC parliament has 50 seats including 24 parliamentarians from UBP, 15 deputies of CTP, 3 from TDP, 2 deputies from DP, 2 parliamentarians from ORP and 4 independent deputies.