ORPDOak Ridge Police Department (Oak Ridge, TN)
ORPDOffice of Research and Program Development
ORPDObsessive Robert Pattinson Disorder
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This paper proposes a hybrid algorithm of GSA with a local search technique based on SQP for solving the ORPD problem.
Generally, the ORPD problem can be formulated as follows
Proposed hybrid GSA-SQP algorithm has been applied to solve the ORPD problem.
The proposed Integration of genetic algorithm (GA) with artificial bee colony (ABC) algorithm (IGAABC) for solving ORPD problem is tested for standard IEEE-57 bus power system.
In Table 3, a comparison of optimum results obtained from proposed IGAABC with other optimization techniques for ORPD problem.
IGAABC has been effectively applied for ORPD problem.