ORPPOcean Research Priorities Plan
ORPPOpen Robotics Peripheral Platform
ORPPOffice of Regional Policy and Planning
ORPPOptimized Relativistic Pseudopotential
ORPPOpen Reduction and Percutaneous Pinning
ORPPOrdinary Reasonable and Prudent Person (law)
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Employers and employees who participate in a comparable pension plan will not be required to participate in the ORPP.
Reducing auto insurance rates and implementing the ORPP are key initiatives in the government's plan to build Ontario up.
Contrast that with the ORPP which forces Tim, whether his daughter needs braces or not, to spend roughly 2 per cent of his income on a new savings plan.
Feedback on questions related to delivery, administration and the phased implementation of the ORPP will be considered as the government moves toward implementation in 2017.