ORPSOffice of Real Property Service (New York State)
ORPSOccurrence Reporting Processing System (US Department of Energy)
ORPSOklahoma Recreation and Park Society (Tulsa, OK)
ORPSOperations Research and Production Systems (University of Arizona)
ORPSOffice of Research Programs and Services (New College of Florida)
ORPSOcean Reef Primary School (Perth, Australia)
ORPSOpen Role-Playing System (gaming)
ORPSOffice of Research and Public Service (University of New Hampshire)
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Comparisons of continence between ORP and RARP are mixed, with demonstration of no significant difference at 3 months following surgery in some cases, (2) faster return to continence with RARP in other cases (16 vs.
To our knowledge, broader HRQoL outcomes between ORP and RARP have not yet been compared.
Beh and his colleagues noted that genetic changes engineered by them block the ability of ORPs to bind cholesterol but don't stop ORPs from functioning.
In fact, these altered ORPs work better and activate other regulator proteins, which in turn trigger a variety of cellular processes that stimulate cell growth.
* What support is required to strive for an educational pathway, aid recruitment, and unite the ORPs and medical staff?
The 24-hour version is an individual ration issued to service personnel for personal preparation whereas a 10-man ORP is usually prepared by qualified chefs for group feeding.
Although the ORPs in these treatments remained relatively high after an initial drop within 30 seconds, researchers observed a tailing effect on the inactivation kinetics after 30-second treatments.
Modification of the direct ORP method by introduction of a fixed concentration of an exogenous redox pair [iodine/potassium iodide ([I.sub.2]/KI)] allows better determination of the ORP of urine samples.
Traditional methods for measuring ORP use large reusable platinum silver-silver chloride electrodes contained within a glass probe which is then submerged into a large volume of sample and analyzed using a galvanometer.