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ORROffice of Rail Regulation (UK government; formerly Office of the Rail Regulator)
ORROffice of Refugee Resettlement (HHS)
ORROak Ridge Reservation (Tennessee)
ORROverall Response Rate (medical treatment)
ORROffice of Response and Restoration (NOAA)
ORRObjective Response Rate
ORROffice of the Rail Regulator (UK government; now Office of Rail Regulation)
ORROperational Readiness Review
ORROxygen Reduction Reaction (energy science)
ORROffice of Regulation Review (Australia)
ORRObligor Risk Rating
ORROrroral Valley, Australia (GSTDN tracking station)
ORROff-The-Road Radial Tire
ORROperational Readiness Report
ORROperator Response Required
ORROperational Replacement Radar
ORROpen Records Request (various locations)
ORROnline Research Resource (Illinois)
ORROld Rochester Regional (Massachusetts)
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Jim O'Connell Director of Business Development ORR Protection Systems Email:info@orrprotection.
We are always searching for the answer,'' Orr says of the labyrinth's inspiration, "and the answer to how to do things.
Several years ago, Orr left a large firm to start his own practice, Dawson Orr, with partner and mentor Carl Dawson.
The jury heard extracts from a series of emails between Mr Orr and Hirst in the summer of 2009 when Mr Orr needed his fund returning so he could buy a property in Scotland.
The court heard that Orr, from Erdington, had admitted three burglaries and asked for 18 other offences to be taken into consideration.
Orr became a partner in his father's Chrysler dealership in Pasadena, California, and remained there until 1960, when he began a two-year affiliation with a family investment business.
NR said it would see if what ORR proposed, while the TSSA rail union said the ORR was "tinkering at the edges" of the punctuality problem.
GARY ORR will probably not be winning the KLM Open on Sunday - the Scot's putting tends to let him down when the pressure is cranked up at the business end - but he can be expected to post a decent finish at Kennemer Country Club.
Texarkana businessman Gregg Orr is suing his two cousins, who were his partners in the dealership, for allegedly looking through his business records and outbidding him to land another dealership.
Pam Orr, general manager of Rock Island Golf Course, said rumors have flown around about expansion for years, but it's really happening now.
Wentworth Property Management Corporation announced that David Orr has joined the company as its vice president, Client Relations.
Network Rail (NR), the company responsible for rail infrastructure, is currently underspending on its 2006-07 budget, the ORR reported.