ORRSOngoing and Reviewable Resourcing Schemes (Ministry of Education; New Zealand)
ORRSOrganic Resource Recovery System (food waste recycling program; Organic Resouce Management, Inc.; Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada)
ORRSOuter Ring Road System (Singapore)
ORRSOrange River Replanning Study (South Africa)
ORRSOuter Radial Reflector Surveillance
ORRSOuter Retinal Rod Segments (opthamology)
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When 10-year-old ice skater Jayden Orr collapsed and died on the rink, his family vowed to save as many lives as they could in his memory.
The Edge at Joey Orr's serves starters from PS4, mains from PS7 and a range of desserts for anyone with room left after that.
The online marriage license application process is just the latest of a number of time- and money-saving elements Orrs office has implemented in recent years, including Online Voter Registration; the online Running for Office Starter Kit; Assisting with the Cook County Tax Portal; Making Clerk and Treasurer tax data available to the public online; Using GIS technology to create the online TIF Viewer and more.
In the study by De Roock et al., NRAS-MUT patients treated with either cetuximab or panitumumab (2.6% of 644 KRAS-WT subjects) had a significantly lower ORR than NRAS-WT patients (7.7% versus 38.1%).
The one-year ORR was 22%, 19%, and 18% for cohorts 1, 2, and 3, respectively; and the ORR in the TC3 or IC3 subgroup for respective cohorts 1, 2, and 3 was 31%, 26%, and 27%.
Through this study, we observed ORRs of 42.7% and 42.3%, respectively, in paclitaxel-carboplatin and gemcitabine-cisplatin arms after completion of treatment.
Owing to the more favorable ORRs in R-FCM group, first randomization was stopped and additionally recruited patients were allocated to R-FCM group.
In the sensitivity analysis applying the ERIVANCElike criteria to assess tumor response to the weighted IPD from BOLT, pre- and postmatched ORRs for sonidegib were 60.6% (48.4-72.4) and 59.5% (47.6-71.3), respectively.
ORRs were 57.3% versus 33.3%, DCRs were 95.6% versus 88.9%, 1and 2-year overall survival rates were 93.3%/73.3% versus 77.8%/51.1%, and median overall survival was 44.7 months versus 24.0 months in the IG-IMRT and 3DCRT, respectively.
In '"Love that Releases No Beloved from Loving': Christina and Dante Rossetti's Reaction to the Courtly Love Convention of Dante Alighieri and the Idealization of the Female Muse" ORRS 24, Fall), Azelina Flint contrasts the opposing reactions of Christina and Dante Rossetti to the troubadour tradition of courtly love poetry.