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ORSAOperations Research Society of America
ORSAOwn Risk and Solvency Assessment
ORSAOccupational Road Safety Alliance (UK)
ORSAOptions Regulatory Surveillance Authority
ORSAOutpatient Reduced-Cost Simplified Application (Los Angeles County, CA)
ORSAOxacillin Resistant Staph Aureus
ORSAOperations Research & System Analysis
ORSAAugustinian Recollects (religious order)
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In late 2015 and early 2016, many insurers submitted their ORSA filings to their state regulators for the first time.
Though the most frequently cited concern, ORSA is not the only regulatory issue that's front-and-center for insurers.
ORSA went into effect in 2015; states have until the end of 2017 to adopt the model.
ORSA is working closely with public, private and international schools to educate students about road safety, according to Al Barwani.
It is heartening to see prominent organisations such as Bank Sohar support the ORSA in our initiatives.
One of the key requirements of ORSA is that companies conduct an annual, forward-looking assessment.
The Army should attempt to commission more logistics officers with the ORSA prerequisite skill set, identify them for possible ORSA-MAC attendance after company command, and create an environment that recognizes them for their willingness to learn about analysis.
ORSA was established in 2006 as part of the SEC-approved National Market System plan under which the then six options exchanges in the U.
Threat of loss, serious reputational impact, and rating agency downgrade could be motivating factors to jump start or accelerate ERM and ORSA efforts.
Be Responsible' road safety campaign activities to be organised by the ORSA, in collaboration with Bank Sohar, till the end of the year, said a media statement.
ORSA is a departure from the traditional box-checking, number-crunching approach to most regulatory requirements.