ORSATObject Reentry Survival Analysis Tool (NASA)
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The historical background of the term fatigue and its different uses demonstrate its conceptual breadth and confusion (Caballo, Salazar, & Carrobles, 2011; Hernandez, Berrios, & Bulbena 2000; Orsat, Ernoul, Canet, Grandin-Goldstein, & Richard-Devantoy, 2013; Rey-Gonzalez & Livianos-Aldana, 2000).
Orsat Apparatus is used to determine the O2 and CO2.
Se determino la composicion de los gases generados en la combustion de las diferentes mezclas de los combustibles evaluados mediante un analizador de gases Orsat, el cual sirvio para establecer los porcentajes de C[O.sub.2], [O.sub.2], CO y un conjunto de otros gases (hidrocarburos no quemados, N[O.sub.x], S[O.sub.x], [N.sub.2], entre otros), presentes en cada tratamiento.
ASABE members Michael Ngadi, Valerie Orsat, and G.S.V.
This unit is validated against the referee ORSAT method cited in USP 23.
Actual excess air levels are determined with an Orsat or other type gas analyzing instrument, which draws samples of flue gas and measures the percentage by volume of oxygen and carbon dioxide.
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