ORSEOrganization for Road System Enhancement (Japan)
ORSEOperational Reactor Safeguard Examination
ORSEOxacillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Epidermidis
ORSEOptimal Reduced State Estimator
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So he gallops close to the 'orse's legs, And he claps his head vithin; And the Bishop says, 'Sure as eggs is eggs, This here's the bold Turpin!' CHORUS And the Bishop says, 'Sure as eggs is eggs, This here's the bold Turpin!' II Says Turpin, 'You shall eat your words, With a sarse of leaden bul-let;' So he puts a pistol to his mouth, And he fires it down his gul-let.
'There ain't no sort of orse that I ain't bred, and no sort of dorg.
"You can't get the work out of a hunderfed 'orse that you can out of a hunderfed man or woman.
'In England, Angleterre, England, We Aspirate the "H," and We Say "Horse." Only our Lower Classes Say "Orse!"'
She actually said "mate" for "meat", "'appen" for "perhaps", and "oss" for "horse", which, to young ladies living in good Lytherly society, who habitually said 'orse, even in domestic privacy, and only said
Yer just canter outrun an orse. Whoa there pardner.
When you're dressed to the nines my advice is straight from the 'orse's mouth, Don't lark about, have one eight over the or you might end up the spout It's a load of cobblers, I'm stony broke, it's a job to mek ends meet, Ill have to knuckle down and chance me arm, and hope I land on me feet.
1: Ascot became "Royal" with the ttendance ueen Anne orse races.
Second to Arry's Orse on debut, well known to be a smart sort, she was beaten a nose on her last start.
epidermidis (ORSE) was performed based on pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (PFGE).
He is currently engaged in preparing his team for the Operational Reactor Safeguard Examination (ORSE) and the Tactical Readiness Evaluation (TRE) during their upcoming six-week underway.