ORSEEOnline Recruitment System for Economic Experiments
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"An Online Recruitment System ORSEE 2.0--A Guideline for the Organization of Experiments in Economics." Working Paper Series in Economics, 10 (23), 2004, 63-104.
The experiment was programmed in z-Tree (Fischbacher 2007), with 216 subjects recruited through ORSEE (Greiner 2004) from a pool of roughly 3,000 pre-registered FSU students.
The subjects were recruited from the laboratory's subject pool using ORSEE (Greiner 2004) and included students from all fields.
(20) Recruiting was conducted using the Online Recruiting System for Experimental Economics (ORSEE) developed by Greiner (2004).
(8) Invitations were sent to subjects present in the ORSEE (Greiner 2004) database of the Bologna Laboratory for Social Sciences (BLESS) at the time of the experiment.
Students were recruited using the recruitment system ORSEE (Greiner 2004).
Subjects were students from a range of disciplines recruited through the online recruitment system ORSEE (Greiner 2004).
In total, we recruited 384 undergraduate students from the University of Jena, using the online recruitment system for economic experiments (ORSEE) (Greiner 2004).
The experimental software was programmed using z-Tree (Fischbacher 2007); participants were recruited via ORSEE (Greiner 2004).
(6.) Subjects were recruited through the online recruitment system ORSEE (Greiner 2004).
Participants were recruited using the ORSEE software (Greiner 2004).
Via the ORSEE software (Greiner 2004), we recruited 112 undergraduate students from local business and engineering schools.