ORSOSOperating Room Scheduling Office System
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Revenue Maximizer will serve as an interface between ORSOS and the hospital's financial system, eliminating the need for manual charging, according to Wertz.
selected ORSOS One-Call after a review of various OR productivity management systems.
The ORSOS software and associated interfaces cost about $100,000.
Co Sarasota Memorial Health Care System ANSOS One-Staff(R) (Sarasota, FL) Co Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital ORSOS One-Call(R) (Yakima, WA)
Throughout 2005, 43 customers upgraded their ANSOS One-Staff products, and 17 customers upgraded to the latest version of the ORSOS One-Call system.
Using PeriOptimum's PathFinder with ORSOS One-Call helps hospitals track patients easily and accurately aiding their ability to reduce labor costs, increase reimbursement and provide a patient- and family-centric experience.
The positive results for ORSOS One-Call in our year-end 2004 report reflect the actual experiences of the healthcare providers surveyed.
participated in the initial deployment of a new Connective Healthcare solution from Per-Se: Web Provider Access for ORSOS One-Call(R) scheduling software.
Saint Joseph's Hospital of Atlanta achieved significant benefits from its use of ORSOS One-Call(R), including the ability to identify financial risks early in the scheduling process, a 10 percent decrease in staff overtime, a dramatic reduction in the call volume from provider offices and a 30 percent decrease in denied claims.