ORSOSOperating Room Scheduling Office System
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SUNY Downstate Medical Center ( SUNY-DMC ) seeks to purchase a comprehensive software maintenance and support program for the ORSOS operating room scheduling system, version 10X which is currently in use by the Operating Room Department at its component University Hospital of Brooklyn ( UHB ).
Revenue Maximizer will serve as an interface between ORSOS and the hospital's financial system, eliminating the need for manual charging, according to Wertz.
selected ORSOS One-Call after a review of various OR productivity management systems.
The ORSOS software and associated interfaces cost about $100,000.
Co Sarasota Memorial Health Care System ANSOS One-Staff(R) (Sarasota, FL) Co Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital ORSOS One-Call(R) (Yakima, WA)
Throughout 2005, 43 customers upgraded their ANSOS One-Staff products, and 17 customers upgraded to the latest version of the ORSOS One-Call system.
Using PeriOptimum's PathFinder with ORSOS One-Call helps hospitals track patients easily and accurately aiding their ability to reduce labor costs, increase reimbursement and provide a patient- and family-centric experience.
The positive results for ORSOS One-Call in our year-end 2004 report reflect the actual experiences of the healthcare providers surveyed.
participated in the initial deployment of a new Connective Healthcare solution from Per-Se: Web Provider Access for ORSOS One-Call(R) scheduling software.