ORSSOperational Research Society of Singapore (est. 1975; Singapore)
ORSSOptical Recognition System Simulator
ORSSOak Ridge Science Semester (Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Oak Ridge, TN)
ORSSOffice of Research and Strategic Services (Minnesota)
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In this study, patients who underwent PNL with a history of ORSS were divided into two groups according to the type of ORSS.
Additionally, univariate and multivariate analyses were done in order to compare the effect of different ORSS types on PNL outcomes.
The mean interval between previous ORSS and PNL surgery was 81.
Stone size and previous ORSS type significantly affected the PNL success rates (p=0.
Ozgor et al have previously compared the outcomes of primary PNL patients with patients who have undergone ORSS and PNL, and have demonstrated that history of ORSS reduces the success rates of PNL.
Viville et al and Jones et al reported significantly lower PNL success after ORSS.
14) None of these studies subdivided the types of ORSS as nephrolithotomy or pyelolithotomy.
Among the strengths of the ORSS team were two companies - Northrop Grumman Electronic Sensors and Systems Div.
The ORSS team was selected over a team comprising shipboard EW monoliths Raytheon E-Systems Goleta Div.
The AIEWS win secures ORSS position in the naval EW arena.
According to a Navy source, the work represents schedule risk reduction and was awarded prior to the main AIEWS contract, and the Navy will supply the algorithms to ORSS as government furnished equipment.
On 1 December, ORSS submitted the amended agreement, which was analysed and later the UKE confirmed the required changes have been incorporated and the regulator does not raise objections to the existing content of the agreement.