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ORTHOAmerican Orthopsychiatric Association
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Ortho Classic has been a pioneer in that evolution, developing braces that are more discrete and affordable than ever, while also reducing treatment time.
The forth chapter deals with ortho phenyl phenol (OPP) market trends review, distinguish ortho phenyl phenol (OPP) manufacturers and suppliers.
The panel also voted 20-3, with 1 abstention, that information about the risk-benefit profile of Ortho Evra in the prescriber and patient labels should be improved, and recommended revisions to the labels to reflect the available risk-benefit data, including the results of an FDA-funded study that found the risk of VTEs was increased in Ortho Evra users.
It is unclear whether women using Ortho Evra have a greater risk of such effects than those taking OCs with 35 mcg of estrogen, but the FDA is monitoring safety reports associated with the patch, and Ortho-McNeil is conducting two epidemiologic studies of the matter.
four of the nation's five largest pharmacy benefit managers, representing 207 million lives, have already placed ORTHO EVRA on their formularies.
In early 1991, Ortho executives learned that a Justice Department investigation was under way and ordered employees to destroy documents and videotapes that would show that the company had engaged in an effort to promote Retin-A's anti-aging abilities to the general public.
In 1974, Buchan sued Ortho Pharmaceutical (Canada) Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of J&J, and won $606,795 in damages.
In case of bisphenolic antioxidants an extra factor is involved: The bridge linking the phenols is in either the ortho or the para position.
AUSTIN, Texas -- Ortho Kinematics, a privately held spine diagnostics company focused on revolutionizing spine motion analysis, is pleased to announce they have hired David Muller as Vice President of Sales and Ken Walker, RN as Director of Clinical Operations.
2013 the trial in the first instance in the patent dispute between Ortho Caps GmbH and Align Technology has finally ended.
Health care professionals and patients are advised to balance the potential risks of increased estrogen exposure with Ortho Evra against the chance of pregnancy if a birth control pill is not taken daily.
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