ORTIOSEK Run Time Interface
ORTIOssifying Renal Tumor of Infancy
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Anna Junque Jimenez (1), Ester Tomas Bernabeu (1), Yolanda Fernandez Parra (1), Lola Andreu Periz (2), Eva Segura Orti (3)
ORTI should be suspected in infants presenting with gross hematuria; however diagnostic imaging is imperative for final differentiation amongst possible diseases.
Para el periodo 1931-1936 es imprescindible conocer los volumenes de Vicente Carcel Orti, La II Republica y la Guerra Civil en el Archivo Secreto Vaticano (3), en los que el historiador esta publicado todos los despachos del nuncio en ese periodo.
nattereri obtained from Genbank, representing populations from the basin of the Amazon River (Amazonas, Brazil)--KC132013/KC131975-79 (Thompson et al., 2014), DQ384773-75 and DQ384781-83 (Hubert et al., 2007), AP012000 (Nakatani et al., 2011) and AF283953 (Orti et al., 2008), the Madeira River (Amazonas, Brazil)--DQ384764-72 (Hubert et al., 2007), the Parana River (Parana, Brazil)--DQ384776-80 (Hubert et al., 2007), and the Sao Francisco River (Bahia, Brazil)--DQ384784-85 (Hubert et al., 2007).
ORTI is a rare, but likely benign, renal tumour, which was first described by Chatten and colleagues in 1980.[sup.1] To date, there are 16 reported cases.[sup.1]-[sup.16] We describe a 4-month old boy with ORTI who was treated with a radical nephrectomy.
Jose Antonio Lopez Orti, (1) Francisco Jose Marco Castillo, (1) and Maria Jose Martinez Uso (2)
Orti along with other researchers participated in an expedition to the Xingu and Iriri rivers in Amazonia to collect the data on the fish.
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