ORTTOrszágos Rádió És Televízió Testület (Hungarian: National Radio and Television Authority; Budapest, Hungary)
ORTTOperations Room Team Trainer (Royal Canadian Navy)
ORTTOutward Remittance Telegraphic Transfer (HSBC Bank; Hong Kong)
ORTTOff Road Trail Tools (Tucson, AZ)
ORTTOrder of Repeatermen and Toll Testboardmen (telephone industry union)
ORTTOperational Readiness Training Test
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Volumes of technical arguments have been submitted to the ORTT by both sides, but the question can be put succinctly: Do the Poles have the right to determine whether Little Miss Millions can prance her way into Polish living rooms?
Canal Plus first filed a complaint in 1997 with the ORTT and Poland's National Television and Radio Council (KRRiTV), which repeatedly refused to hear it on technical grounds inherent in delocated broadcasting: Since the company had neither a Polish license nor a downlink transmitter, the board had no legal basis to hear the case.
In April, the ORTT penalized commercial networks RTL-controlled RTL Klub, SBS-controlled TV2 and regional net Budapest TV for airing violent and sexual content.
Szolt added that the Tender is a very positive act on behalf of the Hungarian ORTT, as he believes the ORTT will issue future Tenders of the same nature, further supporting Hungarian Productions as well as other Hungarian Broadcasting entities.
A Goess Film (Hungary)/Von Vietinghoff Filmproduktion (Germany)/13 Production (France) production, in association with Magyar Mozgokep Kozalapitvany, ORTT, Magyar Televizio, Nemzeti Kulturalis Alapprogram, ZDF, Arte, Studio Babelsberg, RAI-3, Fondazione Montecinemaverita.
A Filmplus production, in association with MMK, ORTT, TV2.
A Neuropa Film production, in association with TV2, MMK, ORTT, NKA, MTV, Duna TV.
A Mafilm production in association with ORTT and MMK.
A Hunnia Filmstudio/Gambit production, in association with TV Polska, MMK, RTL Klub, ORTT, MTV.
A Zsebcselek Csoport production in association with MMK, ORTT, MAFSZ.
A Budapest Filmstudio/Kvali Film coproduction, in association with Grusia Film, BBSA, MMK, NKA, ORTT.
A Kep-Arnyek (Hungary)/Hazard Filmproduction (Germany) production, in association with MMK, NKA, TV2, ORTT and Duna TV.