ORTTOrszágos Rádió És Televízió Testület (Hungarian: National Radio and Television Authority; Budapest, Hungary)
ORTTOperations Room Team Trainer (Royal Canadian Navy)
ORTTOutward Remittance Telegraphic Transfer (HSBC Bank; Hong Kong)
ORTTOff Road Trail Tools (Tucson, AZ)
ORTTOrder of Repeatermen and Toll Testboardmen (telephone industry union)
ORTTOperational Readiness Training Test
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It stresses on adaptation of latest trends and technology for bringing efficiency and effectiveness (Abdi, Zarei, Jamshid, & Parvin, 2011; Carlsson, 2006; Ortt & van der Duin, 2008).
rs9642880 enhanced the risk for UBC development only among the smokers (ORTT = 2.5, 95%CI = 1.1-5.8; ORLAM = 1.6, 95%CI = 1.1-2.5), rs6983267 was found to increase UBC risk in smokers (ORGG = 12.9, 95%CI = 2.2-77; ORLAM = 3.89, 95%CI = 1.8-8.7) as well as non-smokers (ORTG = 2.6, 95%CI = 1.03-6.3; ORGG = 4.96, 95%CI = 1.6-15; ORLAM = 2.2, 95%CI = 1.3-3.8) while PSCA rs2294008 exhibited a positive association with UBC risk in non-smokers only (ORCT = 1.9, 95%CI = 1.06-3.5; ORLAM = 1.94, 95%CI = 1.2-3.3).
Kylstra, as well as Professor Jacob van Rees and Felix Ortt, who had given up a position in the government's water department because his Tolstoyan beliefs were incompatible with the service of any government.
The powerful Council would operate within a new authority created through the fusion of the national radio and television authority (ORTT) and the telecom authority (NHH), and its head would be appointed by the prime minister.
(36) Nederlandsch Indisch Wegen Congres Bandoeng; Ortt, 'Verslag van het Ned.-Ind.
Direct subsidies for R&D, support of linkages between universities and the private sector, reflect and respond to the needs of specific localities or regions to be effective in encouraging innovation rather than simply importing successful policies from other areas (Jacobides, Knudsen, & Augier, 2006; Langley, Pals, & Ortt, 2005).
Buyers may be unafraid of bold and risque content after Hungarian courts abolished the ability of regulator ORTT, beginning in 2008, to levy fines against broadcasters.
Tom Mayer & Jeanine 2003 Ove Chinkapin, Quercus Marietta, Ohio Jim Noe & Marilyn muehlenbergii, 2001 Ortt Chisos, Quercus Big Bend NP, Texas Oscar Mestas graciliformis, 1982 Coast live, Quercus Julian, Calif.
With a two-pronged offensive taking place in a Hungarian court and at Hungary's National Radio and Television Commission (ORTT), Canal Plus claims that by transmitting its signal from Hungary, HBO is engaging in "unfair competition."