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ORUCOrbital Replacement Unit Carrier
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Oruc (2013), also, states in his study that both male and females have the same range of negative automatic thoughts.
Diger bir noktada arastirmada kullanilan Olcek ile yapilan calisma sayisinin azliginin (Oruc 2004, Yetis 2013) yani sira hemsirelerde ise yabancilasma konusunda yapilan calisma sayisinin da az olmasinin konuyu diger arastirmalar ile tartisma noktasinda sinirlamasi idi.
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Merve Sebnem Oruc, journalist and writer, and Mustafa Uzun, journalist and writer.
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Yet the Turkish Industry and Business Association, which has 507 members from the leading organizations, employs only 19 women (Besler and Oruc, 2010: 22-23).
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The footage published by Cumhuriyet shows Varank chatting with pro-government journalists Hilal Kaplan, Akif Beki, Saadet Oruc and Mahmut EuvE-r before their interview with Erdoy-an which was aired by state-run broadcaster the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT) news station on Feb.
Academic misconduct behaviors and specifically cheating have become more common and today's students may not only use traditional methods of cheating but now may take advantage of information technology, such as the internet and cell phones to aid and abet their dishonest behaviors (Kececi, Bulduk, Oruc & Celik, 201 1).