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ORVOff Road Vehicle
ORVOral Rabies Vaccination
ORVOpen Rack Vaporizer (natural gas industry)
ORVOperational Readiness Verification (nuclear plant assessment)
ORVOil Recovery Vessel
ORVObjective Rendezvous (Canadian Forces)
ORVOptical Retardation Velocity
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ORV is based in Italy with two plants located close to Padova.
wildlife vaccination with RABORAL V-RG has been a critical component of rabies control and prevention for 25 years, and Merial will continue to partner with public and private institutions to mobilize continued public, political and financial support for ORV programs to help ensure the future elimination of rabies.
The ORV Condensate Pipeline will transport condensate from points in Harrison, Belmont, Guernsey, Noble, Monroe, and Washington counties, OH to Bells Run Station in Washington County, OH, Black Run Station in Muskingum County, OH, and, if Ohio River Valley Pipeline, LLC elects to construct extension(s) of its system, to one or more connecting facilities in Holmes, Coshocton, and Harrison County.
Repairing and rerouting the almost 66 miles of ORV routes will take years, and is expected to cost about $4 million.
During 1987-1991, to reduce spillover of rabies from red foxes to urban raccoons (Procyon lotor) and skunks, trap--vaccinate--release (TVR; capture live, vaccinate parenterally, and release on site) was integrated into ORV campaigns in the Toronto area (10).
Across the United States, ORV users account for about 12 million visits to national forests annually.
He added that the DCR would hold public meetings in those communities where a change in ORV use from its current status is contemplated.
Finally, Bluewater's Sean Smith traveled to Washington DC this spring to meet with ORV opponents from all across the country.
In addition, many ORVs, motorcycles, and other recreational vehicles use inefficient, noisy two-stroke engines that pollute vastly more than standard automobiles.
According to the National Survey on Recreation and the Environment, the number of Americans driving ORVs increased from 19.
ORV processes and decaffeinates coffee on a tollage basis and Bar is astounded at the many miles his customers come in order to decaffeinated coffee at his facility.
Designed specifically for the off-roading enthusiast, the Magellan ORV Navigation platform allows off-road enthusiasts to plan, track and save trail rides and dirt miles, and add pictures and comments to trails.