ORVAOrange Regional Vignerons Association (Australia)
ORVAOgeechee River Valley Association, Inc. (Georgia)
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1999) mostraram que o estresse oxidativo esta presente em animais com ORVA, quando compararam a concentracao de GSH e GSSG no BAL de equinos sadios e portadores da doenca.
Outras pesquisas desenvolvidas recentemente avaliaram equinos sadios e portadores de ORVA, sendo os doentes analisados durante a crise e a fase de convalescenca.
Estudos envolvendo a suplementacao oral com vitamina E, vitamina C, selenio e flavonoides naturais tem sido realizados em equinos portadores de ORVA (DEATON et al.
2] no condensado do exalado pulmonar de equinos sadios e portadores de ORVA.
On the lighter side, there can be a transporter in which the commuter's individual transportation space is only a third of the size of the tiny ORVA transporter.
My son attends ORVA to be able to fulfill his academic range of four different elementary and middle school grade levels in the same school year.
Recently, I asked my son if he wanted to go to ORVA next year.
ORCA and ORVA are Oregon's largest online charter schools, but at least a dozen other charter schools offer "a substantial online learning component," said Jake Weigler, spokesman for the department of education.
When the state Board of Education granted ORVA its waiver, it gave districts that option.