ORVPOral Rabies Vaccination Program (Texas Department of Health and Human Services)
ORVPOff Road Video Productions (Beaverton, OR)
ORVPOfficial Residence of the Vice President
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(36.) Baiting Statistics from the Texas ORVP. Infectious disease control page.
A second important advance in rabies prevention was ORVP. In 1989, the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources initiated an ORVP in eastern Ontario, targeting the principal wildlife vectors (11).
Following the initiation of ORVP, the regular cycle of animal rabies was broken in the early 1990s (Figure) and the number of laboratory-confirmed rabid animals declined.
When Ontario began its ORVP, one of the arguments for it was that animal rabies would be reduced and human treatments would follow suit.
The meeting brought together experts from ORVP, the private sector, the African Development Institute, the Bank s Permanent Committee for Decentralisation (PECOD), Executive Directors, as well as the Bank s Field Offices to learn from Mauritius experience in weathering the global economic and financial crisis.