ORVROnboard Refueling Vapor Recovery
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Development of ORVR technologies is fiercely competitive and is currently limited to three or four companies with a high degree of engineering capabilities and subsystem support, according to one supplier, Alfmeier Corp.
jointly announced successful completion of in-house testing of a hydrocarbon sensor that uses FCI's Sensor-on-a-Chip technology to detect the presence of ORVR equipped vehicles.
FCI and Gilbarco signed a Commercial Agreement for Hydrocarbon Sensor ORVR Certification in April of this year.
Since that time, Gilbarco has continued developing additional functionality for its VaporVac Stage II vapor recovery system to meet proposed requirements of the California Air Resources Board for compatibility with ORVR (On-board Refueling Vapor Recovery) vehicles.
The Company also has projects with Gilbarco to supply sensors for compliance with the new California Air Resources Board (CARB) ORVR regulations and also is involved in selling its product to the military tank market in California.