ORVROnboard Refueling Vapor Recovery
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Development of ORVR technologies is fiercely competitive and is currently limited to three or four companies with a high degree of engineering capabilities and subsystem support, according to one supplier, Alfmeier Corp.
FCI and Gilbarco signed a Commercial Agreement for Hydrocarbon Sensor ORVR Certification in April of this year.
Since that time, Gilbarco has continued developing additional functionality for its VaporVac Stage II vapor recovery system to meet proposed requirements of the California Air Resources Board for compatibility with ORVR (On-board Refueling Vapor Recovery) vehicles.
Geoff Hewitt, chief executive officer of FCI, said, "The relevant proposed regulations remain fundamentally unchanged well into the adoption process, and continue to be consistent with the use of hydrocarbon sensing to achieve compatibility between ORVR vehicles and the assist type Stage II vapor recovery systems supplied by the major gasoline pump manufacturers such as Gilbarco.
According to some industry estimates, about 80 percent of the vapor recovery systems installed as a result of the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 would be candidates for using our HC sensor technology to achieve ORVR compatibility.
Two-thirds of these vehicles also will be checked for other ORVR issues, including the Fuel Inlet Check Valve, which may cause fuel to spit back and an issue within the Evaporative Vapor Canister that may prevent a customer from fueling.
Sephia owners are being asked by mail to bring their vehicle to a Kia dealership so the ORVR valve can be replaced.
The ORVR fill-limiter valve combines multiple valve functions including shutoff, fill quality and venting into a single device providing automakers cost and weight savings.
The patent for the ORVR fill-limiter valves will be held jointly by the two companies.
This innovative ORVR fill-limiter valve technology is a significant step in that direction.
Their implementation schedule for installing ORVR systems on new cars and light trucks recognizes the complexity of redesigning emission control and fuel management systems for such a wide variety of products.