ORWOutstanding Resource Water
ORWOsler-Rendu-Weber syndrome
ORWOhio Reformatory for Women (Marysville, OH)
ORWOperation Rescue West (Christian activist organization; now Operation Rescue)
ORWOttawa Race Weekend (Canada)
ORWOff Roading Warriors
ORWOhio Racewalker (magazine)
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A mother is then declared eligible by ORW and notified of her opportunity to be with her baby, and the mother and child then can be admitted to ABCS.
7) The program at ORW has been a model for other interested states wanting to develop a prison nursery program.
In December 2000, ODRC formed a partnership with the Ohio State Medical Center to begin work on developing a mother-infant residential parenting and bonding program at ORW.
29) ORW Pergams, PA Zaradic, "Is love of nature in the US becoming love of electronic media?
Among those who lobbied for the ORW classification was the Menominee Nation.
Designed by UK Architects, with support from ORW landscape Architects, Engineering Ventures and general contractor Trumbull-Nelson.
6) To explore the possibility of an unacknowledged Native American inmate population, a setting that did not appear to have a significant Native American population was necessary; ORW provided such a scenario.
The inmates' time spent at ORW ranged from one day to more than 25 years.
A blue Toyota Avensis, registration number V324 ODM, a black Audi TT Coupe, registration number T371 JVP, and a red Peugeot 306, registration number L693 ORW, are still outstanding.
In the ad, ORW called on readers to make what it said was a "tax-deductible donation to help pay the bills and affect the outcome of the election" and called for readers to give a tax-deductible donation to help "defeat [John Kerry] in November and enable President Bush to appoint a prolife Supreme Court Justice to finally overturn Roe v.
It is a mark of how flagrantly and egregiously ORW violated the law that its tax-exempt status has been revoked.
DRC designated juvenile housing units at MaCI and ORW for the RAG program in 1996.