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(9.) It is ironic to see a government effort labeled "corporate." Orwell also notes that the Corporation houses had restrictions" (71).
Like many of Orwell's novels of the 1930s, Keep the Aspidistra Flying has been called to give evidence for many crises, but the crisis of male sexuality, mapped out by Gordon in London's East End, is not one of them.
He later became one of the selfemployed cutlery makers - "little bosses" or "little mesters" - Orwell had written about.
Ricks tells the tale of these two men, who, in their own ways--through their writing, speech, and actions--fought to "preserve the liberty of the individual during an age when the state was becoming powerfully intrusive into private life." He begins by touching briefly on their early years: Churchill's journey as a soldier, journalist, writer, and eventually politician; and Orwell's time as a police officer in Burma, which would alter his life and lead him to write some of the best essays in the English language--namely, "A Hanging" and "Shooting an Elephant." From there we are ushered quickly to the historical events that would make them the men we remember today.
During the Spanish Civil War, a Nationalist sniper shot Orwell in the neck while he was fighting with the anti-Stalin POUM (Workers' Party of Marxist Unification).
Orwell saw a world constantly at war, run by manipulative governments drawn from the privileged elite.
These and other examples will be looked at in more detail later, but it is striking that Orwell considered it important to be seen as anti-imperialist despite writing fiction which is frequently at least imitative of adamantly pro-colonial literature.
Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, who inaugurated the Orwell memorial through remote control from Patna at a ceremony organised by the art, culture and youth department on Friday evening, said that he had visited Orwell's By Giridhar Jha in Patna years, the state government had undertaken the renovation work in 2014 at the birthplace of the celebrated 20th- century author known for widely acclaimed novels such as 1984 and Animal Farm.
In The Ministry of Truth: The Biography of George Orwell's 1984, Dorian Lynskey attempts to discuss both meanings and explain "what Orwell's book actually is, how it came to be written, and how it has shaped the world, in its author's absence, over the past seventy years." But his discussion of Orwell's life is very familiar from many biographies.
Author Norman Bissell, whose book Barnhill is published by Luath Press, was delighted to meet Jura man Ian MacKinnon, who was a schoolboy at the time Orwell and his family lived on the island.
Orwell (real name Eric Blair), his first wife Eileen and other members of the Independent Labour Party contingent had been spied upon during the Spanish Civil War while fighting for the Republicans.