ORunOld Runic (linguistics)
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This in itself is said to relate not only to the conventional terms of domination or suppression, but to how the spirit-regarding art object may generate an experience of orun, the other worldly realm.
SHORT of firing a baby out of a cannon, or dangling it in the jaws of a lion, there can be no more nightmare image than that this week of Orun Kaplan falling from the third-floor balcony of a building in Germany, his uncle having dropped him to save him from a fire.
30am, a voice yelled: ORun for your lives, the Huns are on top of you
Hull held off a Lee Briers inspired Warrington fight back t orun out commanding winners.
ol-up kal-gan, orun kirin-da bo cit-kan die-CV AUX-PST bed top-LOC DEIC lie-PST
There were positive surprises on the top and bottom lines although there is some question about the EBIT margin and that seems to be an issue and whether it is a one-off or continuing,' said Orun Palit, a fund manager at AIG Privat Bank.
Other Sunflower Entertainment artists that will be available from the ZTV download store include: Chiqui Rodriguez, Joselito, Orun Recording artists Congregacion de Habana and Maria Victoria y Su Latin Son, from the Mambo City Label, Lusito Rosario, JoL, Lauriant Rash, Eddy Eddy, and Nite and Day and Urban Latin and Reggaeton artists M.
And moreover, with the box-office success of Ogunde's Aiye and Jaiyesinmi, a host of other Yoruba traveling theatre actor-managers joined the race, with Ade Afolayan's Kadara (1981) and Taxi Driver (1983), Isola Ogunsola's Efunsetan Aniwura (1982), Moses Olaiya's Orun Mooru and Are Agbaye (1984) as part of the leading films of the era.
Ceyhun Bozkurt, Utku Arman Orun *, Ayse Ulya Ertem, Burhan Ocal *, Gurses Sahin, Nazmiye Yuksek **, Sonay Incesoy Ozdemir, Filiz Senocak *
This marks their belief in two planes of existence; Orun and Aye.