ORunOld Runic (linguistics)
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As is the case across Africa, "The Yoruba people of Nigeria and Benin see life as taking a cyclical trajectory through which individuals experience the tangible world, aye, [or] depart to the spirit world orun [and] are reborn" (p.
WL: I remember attending a ceremony in which a firma was used and a deity called Orun was present, and an evil spirit was captured in a bottle.
Examples of works in this category are Thomas Ekundayo Phillips's Emi Orun Gbadura Wa (Heavenly Spirit Hear Our Prayer), Versicles and Responses, Venite, Nunc Dimitis, Te Deum, Magnificat in C, Emi O Gbe Oju Mi s'Oke (I Will Lift My Eyes to the Hills), for SATB and organ; Three Offertory Sentences, for unison voices and organ; Ninu Agbala Olorun Wa (In the Courts of Our God), for unison voices and organ; Choral Suite, for SATB and piano or organ, he Oluwa (The Work of the Lord), for SATB and piano or organ, From Glory to Glory, for SATB and organ; and Samuel: Judge, Priest, and.
Ehrlich will screen ORun for Your Life,O a feature-length documentary about running guru and founder of the NYC Marathon, Fred Lebow.
This would serve as inspiration to a generation of Yoruba novelists including among others Ogundele (Ejigbede Lona Isalu Orun, 1956) and (Ibu Olokun, 1956), Omoyajowo (Itan Odeniya-Omo Odeleru, 1957) and Fatanmi (Korimale Ninu Igbo Adimula, 1976) (Isola 1988:80).
The outcome for IsraelAEs political future is reminiscent of the award winning German film oRun Lola Run,o where the same scene was shot C several times, but with drastically diverging endings.
Based on the current orun rateo revenues will approximate $1.
SHORT of firing a baby out of a cannon, or dangling it in the jaws of a lion, there can be no more nightmare image than that this week of Orun Kaplan falling from the third-floor balcony of a building in Germany, his uncle having dropped him to save him from a fire.
Pois essa forma, do ferro de ossaim e do asen (Fotografias 10 e 11), segundo Thompson (1983: 45), dura desde 1659 ou mesmo antes, e muitas "arvores" tem nascido dela ate nossos dias, nem sempre com folhagens mas com um passaro assentado, certamente--um passaro generico que juntando as caracteristicas particulares de todas as especies e, alem de conselheiro de Ossaim, tambem aquele dos segredos da cosmogonia nago, de Ia Mi, de Ifa e dos "buzios", e do que esta depositado de Orun, de todos os cantos, em todos os Seres (cf.
30am, a voice yelled: ORun for your lives, the Huns are on top of you
Hull held off a Lee Briers inspired Warrington fight back t orun out commanding winners.
ol-up kal-gan, orun kirin-da bo cit-kan die-CV AUX-PST bed top-LOC DEIC lie-PST