ORunOld Runic (linguistics)
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Ogaa mi d'eru, o rorun My boss has passed on-- Orun Alakeji, Aremabo!
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El destino terrenal es trazado en el Orun (cielo), en compania del angel de la guarda, en frente de Olodumare, toda persona posee dos guardianes ancestrales, el que reside en Ori (cabeza) y Ponri que es su doble espiritual.
* The other-worldly domain (orun)--which co-exist with:
La comunidad disfruta del conocimiento ancestral, del ase (ache en espanol o axe en portugues), que es parte fundamental de la relacion entre los mundos orun (mundo fisico donde habitamos) y ayie (mundo espiritual donde viven los ancestrales).
Author Patient age, Mechanism sex, HD Our case 30, Jersey finger [male], R Cheung and Chow [3] 24, Jersey finger [male], R Orun et al.
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To receive axe, means to incorporate material and symbolic representations of the vital principle both from a physical world (aiye) as well as its correlates from a spiritual world (orun), meaning there is always a constant interplay of axe between both worlds.
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Anil Orun, a 22-year old history major, was rounded up by police for his involvement in a similar clash in October, during which more than 40 students were detained, among them eight IS supporters, according to Turkish media.
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