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OS-9Microware Systems Corporation's Real-Time Operating System
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Power management has been a part of OS-9 since 1997 and has been continually refined and upgraded since then.
amp;uot;Our OS-9 RTOS with ARM support is already deployed in wireless cell phones and we have market leading status with Intel's StrongARM microprocessors.
amp;uot;The choice is fairly simple: Companies can choose to spend months developing these systems in-house during a fast-paced market, or they can hit the ground running using reliable, proven technology that's flexible and easy to implement - MIPS with our OS-9 RTOS,&uot; Kaplan said.
Enhanced OS-9 for STPC in conjunction with the STPC family of microprocessors provides embedded designers with a complete software solution.
Developers who are currently working on advanced designs are building MP3 into embedded devices, now have a fast and robust MP3 engine available through Microware's OS-9 technology.
Microware's comprehensive OS-9 software and Intel's flash solution offers OEMs a whole new design solution to meet the challenges of Internet application connectivity.
Microware's OS-9 provided us with the complete solution we needed to deliver such a complex, Internet-enabled device," said Tim Droz, director of engineering at MobiNetix.
Microware's OS-9 RTOS is the total network operating system for intelligent devices.
Microware's Enhanced OS-9 for X86 evaluation software is free and will be available during the Embedded Systems Conference show in Chicago, March 2-4.
This is an essential step for ElectroSonic to provide integration value for its embedded system customers by representing OS-9.
Gespac has been a long time supporter of OS-9 on its G-64 board level products.
The shortest possible development time was the key to the selection of OS-9 for this STB, according to the ESBU Business Unit of IBM Japan Ltd.