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OS1Operating System 1
OS1Operations Specialist Petty Officer First Class (US Navy)
OS1Optical Singlemode 1 (ISO/IEC; single mode fiber)
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The expanded IX service is to meet the increasing data center and IX demands from international and domestic network operators in Osaka OS1 IBX data center.
The OS1 is our ultimate offshore sailing defence, and what we've done with this new generation is made extreme protection exceptionally comfortable to wear.
Through these interactions she moves from a servant program to an AI entity with a unique "life" of her own independent from her duties as an OS1.
In particular, OS1 and OM1 groups showed significantly increased than OS2 and OM2 groups in expression of HSP27 (p < 0.
Last, a new attribute field was added in which Eq (1) was applied to each cell within the spatial and temporal domains, resulting in 870 OS1 values for percent cultch.
Equinix's Japanese data centres, the other being in Tokyo, will allow customers to access diverse networks and geographies and in the first phase, OS1 will offer an initial 320 cabinets, expanding to over 800 in 2014.
El segmento OS1 (Ocupacion Segmento 1) esta conformado por los universitarios ocupados como profesionales, tecnicos y personas de ocupaciones afines y gerentes, administradores, directores y otros funcionarios de categorias directivas.
The aims of our intervention were to increase OS2 frequency while decreasing OS1 frequency, by promoting CRB2 and reducing CRB1, through the therapist's differential reinforcement of the participants' behavior.
Support environment that (1995, 2001) reflects the extent MS2 to which supervisors and managers encourage MS3 on-the job learning, innovation, and skill acquisition and provide recognition to employees in support of these activities Organization Policies, procedures, OS1 Tracey et al.
The PCR was conducted with primers OS1 and OS2 as described (4), and an HBoV subtype 2 plasmid dilution series (kindly provided by Tobias Allander, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden) was used as a quantitative control.
The author: OS1 Jones is attached to USS Truxtun (DDG 103)