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OS1Operating System 1
OS1Optical Singlemode 1 (ISO/IEC; single mode fiber)
OS1Operations Specialist Petty Officer First Class (US Navy)
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Yukio Yamasaki, vice president, K-Opticom Corporation: "At K-Opticom, we are excited about the potential of direct connection to AWS cloud services at Equinix's OS1 data center.
Last, a new attribute field was added in which Eq (1) was applied to each cell within the spatial and temporal domains, resulting in 870 OS1 values for percent cultch.
Equinix's Japanese data centres, the other being in Tokyo, will allow customers to access diverse networks and geographies and in the first phase, OS1 will offer an initial 320 cabinets, expanding to over 800 in 2014.
Once the frequency of appropriate and problem behaviors was observed and classified into OS2 (appropriate) and OS1 (problem) behaviors, a program aimed at promoting context-suitable behavior was drawn up for each participant.
2]oui-no-s, as in Baltic *awinas > Lith avinas, Lett avins, auns, OPruss awins and OS1 ovlnu all: 'ram' (Vasmer 111:113, "from an old Indo-European augmentative") and as adjective in Latin ovlnus 'ovine'.
The new Optima OS1 for packaging sanitary products such as sanitary napkins, panty liners and light incontinence products features numerous innovations.
6) The average shear stress value showed the largest decrease with the reference solventborne alkyd OS1.
TABLE 2: LEBANON GASKET COMPANY (TOPEKA PLANT)--PRODUCT FAMILY INFORMATION (unit cost information is averaged across all product models) Injection Molding OS1 TX4 KC13 Unit Cost Material $0.
5 with SP2, Windows 2000 Suite 100 Server SP3 Host IBM OS1.
Moody," slide #77, Corner of the Clark Street church; Collection 330, Posters OS1, Africa Inland Mission, Graham Center Archives.
We needed to update our quals on NVG DLQs, so we told the friendly OS1 on the other end of the Hawk Link we would fly an aided recovery.
Mike Kammerzell, HMCS(AW/FMF/ NAC) Bryce Schuldt, HM2(NAC/FMF) Ken Mazer, OS1 (SW) Tim Taton and AT3(NAC) Bryan McKinnon visited Hillcrest Elementary School to demonstrate emergency preparedness and Navy partnership.