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OS2Operating System Two
OS2Operating System 2 (IBM)
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20 AWG -- 4C copper; 24 AWG -- 2C copper; 2 Single Mode OS2 tight buffered fibers; overall 90% TC braid shield, PVC inner jacket, TPE outer jacket; stranded steel strength member
Significantly larger angles at maximum torque were observed in the OS2 group compared with the OS6 group (P<0.000) and OU2 group (P<0.02).
In particular, OS1 and OM1 groups showed significantly increased than OS2 and OM2 groups in expression of HSP27 (p < 0.05) (Figure 2A).
According to the study hypotheses, and in agreement with many conceptual (Weeks, Kanter et al, 2011) and applicative studies (Tsai, Kohlenberg, Kanter & Waltz, 2009) FAP aims to intervene directly on in-session behavior, not only by weakening inappropriate behavior (CRB1), but mostly by directly promoting appropriate behavior (CRB2), and intervening indirectly, but effectively, on daily life behavior (OS1 and OS2).
Therefore, when planning and designing high speed (R > 1Gbit/s) FOTS in which new fiber types of single mode OF (SMF) and standards are employed, such as the OS2, it is necessary to perform a preliminary estimation of their operation and the NOE in order to reduce their influence.
According to the company, the DCA can deliver live video and VOD to all iPads and iPhones (OS2 and OS3) using their built-in Safari browser.
All components are Swiss engineered and compliant to next generation network transmission speeds and meet the latest OS2 standards; allowing airport operators to plan network expansions with ease.
A 20-year-old OS2 went on leave to spend the Fourth of July with his parents.
TABLE 1 Physicochemical properties of the sediment samples Sampling point Parameter DE OS1 OS2 OK1 OK2 RA1 RA2 pH 12.0 9.2 10 8.8 8.9 8.3 8.2 Surfactant (mg/l) 132 100 80 60 55 45 40 * Mean values of five replicates.
Until last year, UPS simply allowed us to check off one of three boxes on their manifest: OS1, OS2 or OS3.
Their shoe selection is especially worth checking out, whether you like to go glam in a pair of OS2 heels or scruff it up in a pair of Converse.