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OS2Operating System Two
OS2Operating System 2 (IBM)
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Once the frequency of appropriate and problem behaviors was observed and classified into OS2 (appropriate) and OS1 (problem) behaviors, a program aimed at promoting context-suitable behavior was drawn up for each participant.
As seen from results the OS2 fibers have smaller variation of nonlinear coefficient values at different measurement methods in contrast to SSMF and DSF fibers.
9, activation energies change slightly, with the mean values for OS1, OS2 and OS3 being 237.
The OS2 broke five vertebra, spent 10 days in the hospital and a month on LIMDU.
Accepting the cookies for Niagra Falls, back row, from left, are Military Department Officer in Charge CDR Dianne Archer, SK2 Julio Campusano, PN1 Lena Gray, OS2 Cherell Wood, LTJG Ben Razon, IT3 Tamyka Donald, Ship's Master Dan LaPorte, ITC Keith Sherman, SKC Wilfredo Dirilo, IT3 Timothy Stokes.
LinkBoks is an updated version of a Unix and OS2 browser, LinksBrowser, and it has an open source licence.
OS2 Hollis Saint John stands his watch prior to getting underway aboard USS Boxer (LHD 4).
Fia: - secondary computer network, fiber optic os2, approx.
Story by OS2 Carla Morton, who is assigned to the public affairs office USS Nimitz
The Infoprint Color 8 supports IBM AIX, OS/400 and OS2, Windows 3.