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OSAObstructive Sleep Apnea
OSAOptical Society of America
OSAOffice of the State Auditor
OSAOffice of Student Affairs
OSAOsteosarcoma (tumors)
OSAOffice of Student Activities (various schools)
OSAOffice of Special Affairs (Church of Scientology International)
OSAOakland School for the Arts (California)
OSAOn Shelf Availability (of products in a store)
OSAOperational Support & Analysis (Information Technology Infrastructure Library)
OSAOffice of Substance Abuse
OSAOffice of Services to the Aging (Michigan)
OSAOperation Save America (aka Operation Rescue; anti-abortion group)
OSAOut of Service Area
OSAObject Storage Architecture
OSAOptical Subassembly
OSAOperational Support Area
OSAOperating System Administrator
OSAObject Oriented Systems Analysis
OSAover Sampling
OSAOpen Systems Adapter
OSAOpen Service Access
OSAOut of Band Services Architecture
OSAOpen Scripting Architecture
OSAOpen System Architecture
OSAOpen Solutions Alliance
OSAOracle Sales Analyser
OSAOpen Services Architecture
OSAOpen System Authentication
OSAOpen Source Architecture
OSAOptical Spectrum Analyzer
OSAOutside Air
OSAOpen Solutions Alliance (vendor consortium)
OSAOfficial Secrets Act
OSAOpen Systems Architecture
OSAOpen Society Archives (Budapest, Hungary)
OSAOregon Student Association (est. 1975)
OSAOld Scholars' Association (various organizations)
OSAOverseas Subscribers Agents (lottery agent)
OSAOffice of Student Achievement (various locations)
OSAOnline Savings Account
OSAOxford Spires Academy (UK)
OSAOpen Service Access (3GPP)
OSAOperational Support Airlift (US DoD)
OSAOpen Service Architecture
OSAOperating System Authentication
OSAOrganizzazione degli Stati Americani
OSAOutstanding Service Award
OSAOperacion San Andres (Peruvian operation)
OSAOffice of the Secretary of the Army
OSAOperational Support Aircraft
OSAOrdo Sancti Augustini (St Augustine Order)
OSAOrder of Saint Augustine
OSAOpen Software Associates
OSAOpen Source Academy (various locations)
OSAOverseas Students' Association (University of Adelaide, Australia)
OSAOptical Subassemblies (Palomar Technologies)
OSAOld Stone Age (gaming forums)
OSAOptimal Shelf Availability
OSAOrganization of Staff Analysts (New York, NY)
OSAOrganización Sionista Argentina
OSAOpportunistic Spectrum Access
OSAOperations Support Assignment
OSAOberstabsarzt (German military)
OSAOm Svar Anhålles
OSAOscilloquartz SA (Switzerland)
OSAOrder of St Anne
OSAOur Special Ale (Anchor Christmas Ale)
OSAOnline Sexual Activity
OSAOrganizations and Strategies in Astronomy
OSAObject Services Architecture
OSAOtto Schulze Autometer
OSAOpen Security Architecture (Nortel)
OSAOrchid Society of Arizona (Phoenix, AZ)
OSAOperational Staging Area (various organizations)
OSAOrdinis Sancti Augustini (of the order of St Augustine)
OSAOpen Solutions Architecture (Novell)
OSAOpen Space Assessment
OSAOld Stock Ale (North Coast Brewery)
OSAOregon Society of Anesthesiologists
OSAOpus Sanctorum Angelorum (Latin: Work of the Holy Angels; religious order)
OSAOregon Soccer Association (Oregon, WI)
OSAOffice of Space Acquisition
OSAOffice of the Space Architect
OSAOperational Support Authority
OSAOlympic Science Alliance
OSAOut of Station Allowance
OSAOutfitting Supply Activity
OSAOffice of Safety Appraisals
OSAOffice Solution Accelerator (Microsoft)
OSAOrbiter-based Station Avionics
OSAOlentangy Swim Association (Powell, OH)
OSAOcala Sportsman's Association, Inc (Florida, USA)
OSAHermits of St. Augustine, Augustinians (religious order)
OSAObjective Switching Architecture
OSAOperational Safety Analysis/Assessment
OSAOperating System Account
OSAOutfitting Support Activity
OSAOptic Stabilizer Assembly
OSAOn-Screen Analysis
OSAOntology Server for Archaeological Information Retrieval and Processing
OSAobservability subspace algorithm
OSAOPLAN Supportability Analysis
OSAOwatonna Soccer Association (Minnesota)
OSAOfficially Step Aside
OSAOrganización de Seguros Africanos (Spanish: African Insurance Organization)
OSAOnline Selling Association (Hutchinson, KS)
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While the majority of the remaining cases occur in the axial skeleton (the bones of the head and trunk), there have been cases of OSA documented in extraskeletal sites including the skin and subcutaneous tissues, as well as the lungs, liver, mammary glands, and other organs and glands.
Athanasia Pataka, study's lead researcher explained, "Recent studies have shown that low blood oxygen levels during the night and disrupted sleep, are both common symptoms in OSA, which may play an important role in the biology of different types of cancers."
This study is an analytic study with a cross sectional approach, with the aim to find an association between waist circumference and the risk of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).
The combination of overnight pulse oximetry and the McGill oximetry score (MOS) is a reliable screening tool for moderate to severe OSA. [4,8,9] Overnight pulse oximetry is an accessible, simple and cost-effective alternative to PSG and may assist in prioritising children for operative interventions where resources are scarce.
If you have trouble using CPAP consistently, don't give up on treating your OSA. There are a variety of strategies to make it more comfortable and, if those don't work, other options to explore with your physician.
Evidences from the literature point towards an increased prevalence of OSA among obese patients.
17 patients (85.0%), p>0.05] between patients with moderate and severe OSA before CPAP therapy.
Finally, the STOP-Bang questionnaire exhibited superior screening ability as compared to several other related questionnaires [3], although the screening ability of the STOP-Bang questionnaire for OSA differs with differences of population characteristics [4].
Patients undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) are a special population receiving a loading dose of antiplatelet agents (such as aspirin and clopidogrel) before the index procedure as well as a long-term maintenance dose to avoid stent thrombosis, especially for drug-eluting stents (DESs).[7] Although the antiplatelet effect of the latter drugs might be decreased in PCI patients with OSA in possible association with higher risk of stent thrombosis, the relationship between OSA and platelet reactivity in patients undergoing DES implantation with loading doses of antiplatelet agents has not been defined and is the subject of the present study.
Besides the OSA, Pakatan Harapan had in its election manifesto promised to revamp the Whistleblower Protection Act 2010, Witness Protection Act 2009 and to enact a Freedom of Information Act.
Hence, we hypothesize that decreased NO level could be the underlying pathophysiological link for the development of IR in patients with OSA.
The choice of method of screening depends on its capabilities to accomplish certain objectives for inclusion of OSA patients for proper sleep-testing, identify patients with severe condition and exclude patients without disease or those whose evaluation for treatment is less urgent.