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OSAObstructive Sleep Apnea
OSAOptical Society of America
OSAOffice of the State Auditor
OSAOffice of Student Affairs
OSAOffice of Special Affairs (Church of Scientology International)
OSAOffice of Substance Abuse
OSAOptical Spectrum Analyzer
OSAOutside Air
OSAOfficial Secrets Act
OSAOpen Systems Architecture
OSAOpen Society Archives (Budapest, Hungary)
OSAOverseas Subscribers Agents (lottery agent)
OSAOffice of Student Achievement (various locations)
OSAOpen Service Access (3GPP)
OSAOperational Support Airlift (US DoD)
OSAOpen Service Architecture
OSAOrganizzazione degli Stati Americani
OSAOutstanding Service Award
OSAOffice of the Secretary of the Army
OSAOperational Support Aircraft
OSAOrdo Sancti Augustini (St Augustine Order)
OSAOrder of Saint Augustine
OSAOpen Software Associates
OSAOverseas Students' Association (University of Adelaide, Australia)
OSAOptical Subassemblies (Palomar Technologies)
OSAOld Stone Age (gaming forums)
OSAOrganization of Staff Analysts (New York, NY)
OSAOptimal Shelf Availability
OSAOrganización Sionista Argentina
OSAOpportunistic Spectrum Access
OSAOberstabsarzt (German military)
OSAOm Svar Anhålles
OSAOrder of St Anne
OSAOscilloquartz SA (Switzerland)
OSAOur Special Ale (Anchor Christmas Ale)
OSAOnline Sexual Activity
OSAOrganizations and Strategies in Astronomy
OSAObject Services Architecture
OSAOtto Schulze Autometer
OSAOpen Security Architecture (Nortel)
OSAOrchid Society of Arizona (Phoenix, AZ)
OSAOrdinis Sancti Augustini (of the order of St Augustine)
OSAOpen Solutions Architecture (Novell)
OSAOpen Space Assessment
OSAOld Stock Ale (North Coast Brewery)
OSAOregon Society of Anesthesiologists
OSAOpus Sanctorum Angelorum (Latin: Work of the Holy Angels; religious order)
OSAOregon Soccer Association (Oregon, WI)
OSAOffice of Space Acquisition
OSAOffice of the Space Architect
OSAOperational Support Authority
OSAOlympic Science Alliance
OSAOut of Station Allowance
OSAOffice Solution Accelerator (Microsoft)
OSAOlentangy Swim Association (Powell, OH)
OSAOrbiter-based Station Avionics
OSAOffice of Safety Appraisals
OSAOutfitting Supply Activity
OSAOperational Safety Analysis/Assessment
OSAObjective Switching Architecture
OSAOperating System Account
OSAHermits of St. Augustine, Augustinians (religious order)
OSAOutfitting Support Activity
OSAOcala Sportsman's Association, Inc (Florida, USA)
OSAOptic Stabilizer Assembly
OSAOPLAN Supportability Analysis
OSAobservability subspace algorithm
OSAOntology Server for Archaeological Information Retrieval and Processing
OSAOn-Screen Analysis
OSAOwatonna Soccer Association (Minnesota)
OSAOfficially Step Aside
OSAOrganización de Seguros Africanos (Spanish: African Insurance Organization)
OSAOnline Selling Association (Hutchinson, KS)
OSAOxford Spires Academy (UK)
OSAOpen Source Academy (various locations)
OSAOperation Save America (aka Operation Rescue; anti-abortion group)
OSAOnline Savings Account
OSAOpen Solutions Alliance (vendor consortium)
OSAOakland School for the Arts (California)
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The OSA 5411 will be a key component of Oscilloquartz s WSTS demonstration.
In the designed concrete mixes, OSA was found to act as the main binder.
OSA is a chronic, progressive disease, and it is well-documented that moderate to severe forms of OSA are associated with an increased risk for cardiovascular morbidity and mortality.
These findings suggest that "depression may be significant even in patients with mild OSA," Dr.
OSA is not an independent risk factor for either coronary artery disease or hypertension.
Instead of comparing predefined groups, OSA ranks participants on a continuum and automatically selects the group that provides the best match, for example of a trait to a particular gene.
Through cooperative action and advocacy, the OSA will help facilitate interoperability, reduce barriers to adoption and raise the awareness of the benefits of open source software in business.
We look forward to contributing to this important research to determine whether Inspire therapy can help the many people suffering from OSA with limited treatment options," Dr.
In the study researchers defined OSA as an hourly average of 30 or more breathing interruptions causing oxygen depletion and lasting at least 10 seconds.
Compared with their counterparts who did not have OSA, participants with mild OSA and those with moderate or severe OSA were older (mean age 37 years vs.
In 1989, Esclamado et al studied 135 patients who had undergone various types of surgery for OSA.
We are looking forward to our involvement with OSA and accelerating the adoption of open source in the enterprise.