OSAGOaxaca Study Action Group
OSAGOklahoma School Assurance Group (Oklahoma City, OK)
OSAGOptische Schnittstelle für Agdus und Gefübz (German optical interface specification)
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With the first phase of work complete, OSAG is now on track to complete the second phase of its work by the end of June, which is to provide government advice on areas of targeted investment that will yield the greatest emissions reductions as production grows.
Office of the Special Adviser on Gender Issues and Advancement of Women (OSAG), Expert Group Meeting on Enhancing Women's Participation in Electoral Processes in Post Conflict Countries, Strengthening Government: The Rule of Women in Rwanda's Transition: A Summary, U.N.
It also supports cross-sector work by the Bullying Prevention Advisory Group and the Online Safety Advisory Group (OSAG).
The buildings are fitted with universal detector units that receive direct and indirect fire signals from Miles, Cosim, Osag, React and other live training simulation systems, and react accordingly; blowing doors and windows open, triggering smoke and light flashes, 'breaking' stairways, etc.
The simulators supplied under the contract will include the new laser standard, OSAG 2.
Universal Detector Units attached to the buildings receive a multitude of direct-fire signals, from Miles, Cosim, Osag, React and other simulation systems, to register a building 'hit', send the signal to the building's computer system and then provide immediate engagement effects to the soldiers (see lead photo).