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OSAIOklahoma Summer Arts Institute (Norman, OK; est. 1977)
OSAIOffice of SAFETY Act Implementation (encourages development of anti-terrorism technologies)
OSAIOffice for Student Academic Integrity (Minneapolis, MN)
OSAIObservational Sleep Assessment Instrument
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Lim Kit Siang, chairman of the opposition Democratic Action Party, suggested the ''repressive measure'' taken against Makkal Osai was because it had given ''too much coverage'' to opposition news.
Eaglewoman narrates her own terrifying experiences of these rites after the death of her husband, Osai. There is a compulsory three-day ritual lament at cockcrow, two weeks onslaught of the Umuada' (kindred sisters of the husband) (3) during which they are sumptuously fed amidst severe censorship, and a one-year mourning period during which she was confined to her home (160-62).
NXT CNC 3-axis router features a 16-hp HSD 63F spindle and mounted rotary tool changer, OSAI open control, Becker vacuum pump, closed-loop AC servo system, programmable pop-up locator pins and a moving gantry design..
In like manner, the author of Children ofthe Eagle places on the lips of the four daughters of Josiah ("Osai") and Ugonwanyi ("Eaglewoman"') the message of a new redemption, which can only fructify when women and the larger society are re-educated to enable the former to enjoy a more qualitative existence.
Early this month, however, laser-provider Prima succeeded in acquiring a different controls company, OSAI S.p.A.
Mi si disse ingiusta, pessimista, partigiana del mio sesso, quando in lavori scritti col piu ardente amore del prossimo osai difendere la donna, la donna pura, la donna caduta, quella che ama e quella che non ama, la donna sempre, per cio che e donna, vale a dire oppressa.
Finally, Phedre herself admits her monstrous nature: 'C'est moi qui sur ce fils chaste et respectueux | Osai jeter un oeil profane, incestueux' (l.
This pattern clearly shows soldiers and police approached IMN processions not to restore public order, but to kill," Amnesty International's Nigeria Director Osai Ojigho stated.
In a statement on Monday, Osai Ojigho, country's director of the organisation, called on the government to find a lasting solution to the crisis.
Makkal Osai reported that Khasif Ali from Delapur village in Okara district fled his home about a year ago.
Beijing, China Beijing Osai International Exhibition C.o., Ltd.
Elle me dit qu'elle les avait brulees; j'en osai douter a mon tour, et j'avoue que j'en doute encore.