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Albu Osaj lies near the town of Lataifiyah, in a confessionally mixed region south of the capital known as the Triangle of Death for the high levels of violence there in 2006 and 2007.
Mr O'Kelly said that Kulici, who denies murdering the 23-year-old on February 22 last year, travelled to Sligo with Mr Osaj and ended up at Lindita's flat.
Mr Osaj settled down in another room but was woken later by Kulici who told him: "We have to get back to Dublin."
He said Kulici threatened Mr Osaj, warned him not to contact the Garda and ordered him to drive both of them back to Dublin.
According to the popular mobilization site, Osaj said "The graves were found in the Mala'b (stadium) area, south of Ramadi, containing the remains of 30 people, most of them military personnel, some of whom were civilians, including two children," noting: "The organization Daash executed them when they dominated Ramadi in mid-2015."
The statement added: "ten terrorists were killed in an ambush in the Albo Osaj area, by a force of a brigade (25) Army Division (17), and killed fifteen terrorist in the Sheikh Amir, area of by a force of Brigade (45) "