OSALObservatorio Social de América Latina (Spanish: Social Observatory of Latin America)
OSALOperating System Abstraction Layer
OSALOffice of Student Activities and Leadership (various locations)
OSALOperation Save a Life (motorcycle awareness program)
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In contrast, only 73% (150 of 205) of the prop osals during the 1992-1998 period are gravy.
Playing 22 prior to into three of eight system And he's got an answer for those who say he and his fellow directorwant to torpedo league reconstruction proposals taking the forward' s s ue osals while having already stated an intention to sell the club and move out of the boardroom at the first acceptable opportunity.
Liberal Democrat councillor Martin Mullaney will speak to Handsworth residents about his propS osals for the soon-to-beclosed Hilltop municipal golf course.