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OSAMOverflow Sequential Access Method
OSAMOregon Society of Association Management
OSAMOffice of Spectrum Analysis and Management (DISA)
OSAMOptical Spectrum Analysis Module
OSAMOpen Service Architecture for Mobile and Fixed Network Environment
OSAMOfficina Sperimentale Apparecchi Motori (Italian: Aircraft and Engines Experimental Workshop)
OSAMOutsourced Sales and Marketing
OSAMO'shaughnessy Asset Management, LLC (Stamford, CT)
OSAMOnline Solutions Autorun Manager (software)
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Services for maintenance and evolution of computer applications (am) in the mobile environment and mobile services initiatives of the osam of barcelona city council, with sustainable public procurement.
OSAM is a team of factor-investing experts whose mission is to help clients build better portfolios.
Out of those unsafe brands seven brands including New Nation, Osam, Well care, Aqua National, Nation, Naimat, Siiz Cool) have comparatively high level of Arsenic ranging from 13-50 ppb than PSQCA water quality standard for arsenic (10 ppb), said a press release here Tuesday.
Since joining Endeavor in March, Osam said their company has received mentoring from entrepreneurs and finance experts in the telecom field as well as the banking sector, giving them insight to skills they need to grow their business.
He sits there smiling at Osam and Scully in the hope that they might say something funny.
To save time and reduce costs associated with the lending process, OSAM integrated OnBase into Republic's existing environment, which led to improved imaging, storage, retrieval and delivery capabilities.
The purpose of this brief article is to suggest how qualitative epidemiologic methods like those used by the OSAM Network could be applied to inform substance abuse prevention activities, particularly those directed at adolescents.
But for now we have Martin Russell and Paul Osam in place and they will be there for a matter of weeks at least.
Each OSAM is in turn monitored by a computer maintained at the city's public works department.
Baeckelandt will be based in Chicago, where OSAM is opening a new office.
28 - a new road link between route ii-35 and route iii-357 and bridge over the beli osam river: This section envisages the construction of a new road link and a new bridge over the beli river osam.
Paul Osam, right, Eddie Gormley and Martin Russell were players he loved to watch.