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OSAMOverflow Sequential Access Method
OSAMOregon Society of Association Management
OSAMOffice of Spectrum Analysis and Management (DISA)
OSAMOptical Spectrum Analysis Module
OSAMOpen Service Architecture for Mobile and Fixed Network Environment
OSAMOfficina Sperimentale Apparecchi Motori (Italian: Aircraft and Engines Experimental Workshop)
OSAMOutsourced Sales and Marketing
OSAMO'shaughnessy Asset Management, LLC (Stamford, CT)
OSAMOnline Solutions Autorun Manager (software)
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But after winning that header against Osam, someone I really looked up to, I just felt like a giant.
Endeavor helped give us more direction and allowed us to put focus on specific areas, we developed a focus on niche markets and enhanced internal operations, logistically and we also managed our cash flows better," said Osam.
From its inception in 1981, OSAM Document Solutions has built its success on strong customer loyalty and a recurring customer base.
I have renamed Scully and Osam as Glum and Glummer.
Ensuring that the electronic documents met the specific requirements of Republic, yet are generic enough to be universally acceptable by other lenders, was a key component of this solution," said OSAM President Ron Thompson Jr.
Supported by the Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services (ODADAS), the OSAM Network is designed to provide accurate, timely, qualitatively-oriented epidemiologic descriptions of substance abuse trends and emerging problems in Ohio's major urban and rural areas (for a more detailed description of the OSAM Network see Siegal, Carlson, Kenne, Start, & Stephens, 2000).
David brings nearly 30 years of experience and institutional relationships to O'Shaughnessy Asset Management," says Chris Loveless, President, Chief Operating Officer and Director of Institutional Sales and Client Service, OSAM.
Under the direction of the Ohio Substance Abuse Monitoring (OSAM) team of the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (OhioMHAS): acts and conducts as a data collector for OSAM in the Dayton region (primarily Montgomery County with coverage of surrounding areas).
This will lead to significant increases in the water levels of a number of rivers, including Ogosta, Iskar, Vit, Osam, Yantra, Lom, Tundzha, Struma and Maritza.
Osam Ezzeldin on the other hand, demanded attention with a diva's insistence.
We're excited about this opportunity to deepen our partnership with OSAM.
PAUL Osam can't play in every game these days - but he wants to win every competition he takes part in.