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OSASObstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome
OSASOpen Systems Accounting Software (Open Systems Holdings Corp., Inc.)
OSASOnce Saved Always Saved
OSASOf Soldiers and Saints (band)
OSASOccupational Skills Analysis System
OSASOhio Scottish Arts School
OSASOpen Substation Automation System (power plants)
OSASOccupational Sleep Apnea Solutions
OSASOpen Source Advance Solutions (Malaysia)
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OSAS was confirmed by polysomnography in either the Department of Otorhinolaryngology at the Saitama Children's Medical Center in Saitama, Japan, or in the Department of Paediatric Dentistry at the Nihon University School of Dentistry in Tokyo.
With this technology partnership, sales tax automation will become an implementation-free feature within both OSAS and Traverse," Lundquist noted.
Industrial safety and transportation authorities are currently focusing on hypersomnolence as a significant cause of industrial and mass transportation accidents, and the incidence of recurrent highway crashes is seven times greater for individuals with OSAS than for normal controls.
We hope that this latest ruling will encourage the school district to obey the law, and work with the dedicated administrators of OSAS, not against them.
Before the twin arbitration victories, OSAS had lost approximately 400 of its 600 members under the reorganization.
The second decision came just one week after OSAS won a court-ordered temporary restraining order halting the school district's reorganization program.
For OSAS members, their students are their top priority," said Diann Woodard, President of OSAS and a former Detroit vice principal.
At the end of the last school year, Detroit Schools CEO Kenneth Burnley issued pink slips to 391 OSAS master teachers, eliminating their jobs and demoting them to classrooms.