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The Proto-Germanic gradation forms are reconstructed as *??per[beta]- *??ar[bet a]-, *??ar[beta]-, *??ar[beta]-, on the basis of the following cognates: Gothic *paurban parf paurbum paurfta OHG durfan darf durfun dorfta OSax thurban tharf thurbun thorfta MDu dorven dorv dorven dorfte OFr *thurva thurf/thorf thurvon thorste OE *purfan pearf purfon purfte ON purfa parf purfom purfta
II 431.32; OSax. wurgil 'rope', MHG wurgel 'strangler'.
ti-i tu-u on the grounds that, "Palaic does not share with Luvian the loss of word-final stops." But Melchert cites examples only of preserved final dental (kuit, kat, kuwat) not of final velar, so that the case of, say, NE I -ly, it : OSax. ik -lik, it encourages caution.