OSAYOutstanding Soldier & Airman of the Year
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As a further attempt to support his Little Colorado Valley locale of some pueblos of Tusayan, Dobyns notes the Zuni reference to the Hopis in 1581-1582 as being in the valley of Osay. The name seems to have been derived from the Asa clan which migrated from the Chama Valley of New Mexico to settle in part at Awatovi on Antelope Mesa.
The expensive aristocrats from West London had nothing t osay. Far from billionaire owner Roman Abramovich taking Arsene Wenger's advice in speaking u p and trying to improve the club's tarnished image, they offered very little.
Security source said that IOF forces arrested Ala'a Ahmad Hamzeh Abu- Baker,18, Osayed Ibrahim Masoud Abu- Baker,19, and Mohammad Kamal Mytany,18, after raiding their parents' houses.
Al-Hebishi, known by his nom de guerre Abu Osayed al-Madani, is renowned in extremist circles as a ''munshid,'' or singer of Islamic hymns and anthems.
In recent weeks, militant supporters have proclaimed in messages on Twitter and on militant websites that ''the munshid Abu Osayed al-Madani'' has come to Syria and joined the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, one of the most hardline groups fighting in that country's civil war.