OSBIOklahoma State Bureau of Investigation
OSBIOpen Source Business Intelligence
OSBIOffice of Standards-Based Instruction
OSBIOne Step Billing, Inc. (Florida)
OSBIOffice Services Barbara Imesch (Switzerland)
OSBIOver-Seas Bottled in India
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UA's OSBI program provided its practical and flexible services to 75 companies last year.
Tech's PDI, ASU's Delta Center and UA's OSBI are all providers of the International Organization for Standardization certification training.
As the director of information management, Stock continues to foster the relationship between GSLIS and OSBI, assigning LIS students to the project teams and holding workshops to teach the M.
The OpenQuick Suite(TM) was developed in response to the demand for accelerated adoption of OSBI technologies.
The OSBI is planning to upgrade and replace its second generation Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) with the latest version of software and hardware, fully integrated that will fulfill over 90% of the custom requirements out of the box with no need of software changes.
I intend to leverage my experience in the proprietary software sector to help dissipate the fear, unknown and doubt regarding open source technology and help our clients understand that affordable business intelligence is achievable using high quality open source software and services," said Nicholas, "The OSBI marketplace is reaching a tipping point and OpenBI will clearly be a leader, so I cannot think of a more exciting time to join the vanguard in this major technology shift.
The OSBI market is rapidly maturing and OpenBI has become a catalyst for this change.
The adoption of OSBI and data integration is increasing and Pentaho has been a leader in OSBI implementation.
This will enable officers to capture ten-print (fingerprint) and palm Livescan data, package prints in compliance with NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) standards, and forward them to the OSBI (Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation).