OSBNOpen Source Business Network
OSBNOregon State Board of Nursing
OSBNOPEN: the Small Business Network (American Express product)
OSBNOpening the Sides of the Brood Nest (beekeeping)
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The contract cleaning services are focused mainly on: - sweeping and mopping hallways, stairs, elevators and other common areas of the home, - sweeping and wiping handrails, - washing windows, entrance doors, doors common areas, elevator doors and the elevator car, mailboxes, switches and lights in the common areas, - trimming the walls of common areas, - cleaning the windows and railings - start of the cleanup works or accidents and unpredictable states by request OSBN, caretaker or an authorized employee of the Municipal Office Cologne.
Survey data from the midwife survey were linked to the OSBN midwife database for verification of demographic information.
Contract award: provision of technical maintenance and care for the measuring system installed in residential and non-residential premises managed osbn.