OSC-IOffice of Security Cooperation-Iraq (US DoD and US State Department)
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This four-pronged strategy was designed to enable OSC-I to complete all of its security assistance and security cooperation tasks in support of the overall strategic goals of the United States.
Language modifications such as this appear minor, but they have large implications for OSC-I as it attempts to fulfill President Obama's call to deny safe havens for al Qaeda and build strong, enduring partnerships.
The most comprehensive list of security cooperation activities can be found in JP 3-22, Foreign Internal Defense, and the list finishes with the vague "other programs and activities." (9) Competing doctrine, subject to varied interpretations, adds to the confusion among DOD and State Department policymakers as they attempt to define OSC-I's doctrinal responsibilities and its subsequent connection to legal authorities.
Therefore, OSC-I planned to transition the outer perimeter of COB Speicher to ISF and began construction of a smaller compound within the Iraqi base.
Ninety-six hours prior to our scheduled departure, our battalion received its initial warning order to leave 50 personnel on COB Speicher to augment OSC-I security.
Second, if USF-I decided that a bridging force was needed until OSC-I was operationally capable, those remaining forces would break their vehicles down and prepare all but the most essential equipment for shipment out ahead of the battalion main body's departure.
"OSC-I will work for the ambassador and deliver foreign military sales, as well as provide the international military education and training opportunities," Ferriter said.
When the Iraqi military wants to purchase new military hardware, Caslen's OSC-I, under the embassy, will be responsible for making that happen.
The training and maintenance portions of the contract will most likely be civilian contractors, in either the United States or in Iraq, the general said, though facilitation will fall under OSC-I.
Specifically, we are accountable for the daily financial management support of the OSC-I and responsible for the coordination of host nation and Iraq Security Forces funding, supporting over $8.7 billion in FMS cases.
For the OSC-I, the process was compressed into two months and took the efforts of five organizations to complete: DoS, OSC-I, USF-I, U.S.
In addition, LTC Graham also serves as Chief, Resource Management Section, for the OSC-I. She is one of nine section chiefs who are the initial cadre to stand up OSC-I.