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OSCIOpen SystemC Initiative
OSCIOnline Services Computer Interface
OSCIOpen System C Initiative
OSCIOscient Pharmaceuticals Corp. (stock symbol)
OSCIOne Stroke Certified Instructor
OSCIOberon System and Compiler Implementations
OSCIOhio Science Institute
OSCIOregon State Correctional Institution
OSCIOctal Serial Communication Interface
OSCIOshkosh Correctional Institution (Wisconsin)
OSCIOffice for Social Concern and Involvement
OSCIOnderwijs, Sociale zaken, Cultuur en Integratie
OSCIOffice of Security Operation-Iraq (Office of Security Operation-Iraq)
OSCIOral Sciences
OSCIOmaha Soaring Club, Inc.
OSCIOwner Supplied Contractor Installed (building construction)
OSCIOntario Stem Cell Initiative (Ontario, Canada)
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Samuel LeMaire, who has been in prison for 32 years, says the OSCI program has helped him prepare for his release: "I just connected with my family for the first time in 30 years.
Castillo et al., 2011 5 26 662 OSCI Claudet y Ellett, 1999 6 58 3.074 NOCT Merkys et al., 2007 20 67 447 C-CLIOU Mujica y Perez, 2008 4 (8) (a) 64 271 Clima GCV Noriega y Pria, 2011 5 60 89 OCM Patterson et al., 2005 4 (17) (a) 81 6.869 MDCO Reinoso y Araneda, 2007 7 54 153 ICO Rodriguez et al., 2010 4 (16) (a) 80 S.D BSC Silva et al., 2011 6 28 80 Nombre de Lugar Indice de la prueba confiabilidad IPAO Colombia 0,97 CFK Ltd.
As the lessons of OSCI come to bear, institutions should consider print and digital to be a marriage rather than a divorce.
Known as the Ontario Stem Cell Initiative (OSCI), the partnership officially launched on Tune 14, 2011, at the University of Toronto (Ontario).
Known as the Ontario Stem Cell Initiative (OSCI), the partnership launched on June 14, 2011, at the University of Toronto (Ontario).
Third is the Standard & Poor's osci Agriculture Official Close Index, which tracks corn, wheat, soybeans, cotton, cocoa, coffee, and sugar, and finally the UBS/Bloomberg Constant Maturity Agriculture Commodity Index, which follows derivative prices of cocoa, coffee, corn, cotton, wheat, sugar, soybeans and soybean oil.
When it was her turn to share, one woman said: "Our son is 41 and at OSCI (Oregon State Correctional Institute).
OSCI: An organizational and safety climate inventory.
Supreme Islamic Best-organized and most pro-Iranian Shiite Council of OSCI) Islamist party and generally allied with Da'wa Party in UIA.
(NASDAQ:SNPS), Mountain View, a world leader in software and IP for semiconductor design and manufacturing, has announced support for the newly ratified Open SystemC Initiative (OSCI)SystemC(TM) TLM-2.0 standard in its Innovator and DesignWare(R) System-Level Library products.
Una vez efectuada la modelizacion univariante de las series objeto de es tudio, hemos aplicado el metodo de extraccion de senales enunciado en la seccion anterior, con el fin de eliminar los elementos especialmen te osci lantes y poco relevantes para el analisis de la evolucion subyacente de las series.