OSCMOptical Service Channel Module
OSCMOptical Service Channel Modem
OSCMOxford School of Coaching and Mentoring (UK)
OSCMMaster Chief Operations Specialist (US Navy enlisted rating)
OSCMOptical Sub-Carrier Multiplexed
OSCMOpen Source Cruise Missile (Sourceforge project)
OSCMOperation Supply Chain Management
OSCMOracle Software Configuration Manager
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An increased pregnancy rate following diagnostic tubal patency testing with OSCM has been discussed in the literature for over half a century and was reported by Weir and Weir (1951).
Uterine bathing with OSCM appears to down regulate osteopontin in the endometrium and increase numbers of uterine natural killer (uNK) cells, which are likely to be important in implantation receptivity, although their precise action is unclear (Johnson, 2013).
Therapeutic HSG with OSCM Lipiodol clearly offers a simple, low invasive and inexpensive treatment option especially for women with endometriosis related infertility.
Nos etudes anterieures (Fleury, Grenier, Bamvita, Wallot et Perreault, 2012 ; Grenier, Fleury, Imboua et Ngui, 2013) ont montre que la signature d'ententes de services est associee a la taille du budget, les OSCM les plus nantis etant les plus susceptibles d'etablir des rapports egalitaires avec les etablissements du reseau public.
The fibres of the bundle OscM are the integral manifolds of the distribution
The functions ([u.sup.i.sub.1] - [u.sup.i.sub.2]) vanish on OscM.
The sector-form [PHI] is constant on OscM if and only if its derivatives vanish on OscM.
The Hamiltonian system reduces to Lagrange's equations on the osculating bundle OscM.
However, distinctions can also be methodological, which is the case of empiricists versus modelers in OSCM.
Figure 2 shows a possible way to envision the knowledge landscape of OSCM based on this methodological division.
The dichotomy between empiricism and modeling in OSCM is here to stay.
The "fractal" cleavages in OSCM, or in any discipline, allow individuals to make cogent arguments about the novelty and contribution of their study; these claims become harder to make if one considers a broader knowledge landscape made coherent across these differences.