OSCMOxford School of Coaching and Mentoring (UK)
OSCMMaster Chief Operations Specialist (US Navy enlisted rating)
OSCMOperation Supply Chain Management
OSCMOpen Source Cruise Missile (Sourceforge project)
OSCMOptical Sub-Carrier Multiplexed
OSCMOracle Software Configuration Manager
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Empiricists in OSCM (Boyer and Swink 2008; Carter, Sanders and Dong 2008) have called for more use of multiple methods, but their suggestions only go so far as to suggest use of multiple empirical methods.
In our case, the discipline of OSCM defines a single field of inquiry with shared research questions--the difference is not in what is studied, but rather how it is studied.
However, distinctions can also be methodological, which is the case of empiricists versus modelers in OSCM.
Figure 2 shows a possible way to envision the knowledge landscape of OSCM based on this methodological division.
Pursuant to the Assets Purchase Agreement, in exchange for the OSCM assets, AMCI will issue 2,207,898 shares or an amount equal to approximately sixty percent (60%) of its post closing outstanding common stock and pay cash of $5 Million, of which $1 Million has been paid, $1 Million will be paid by December 31, 1999 and $3 Million by January 2, 2000.
We are thrilled to have Edelman's PR counsel and expertise behind us," explained OSCM CEO Rami Adler.
Adds Corporate Affairs Executive Vice President Judi Mackey "With our strategic and creative capabilities, Edelman's Corporate Affairs practice is uniquely positioned to provide OSCM with a communications program that this dynamic company demands.
Edelman NY won the OSCM account following a review and competition with a number of agencies.
of Plainview, New York, a OSCM Company, manufactures the free 400 MHz ATX minitower computer that is provided with each shopss.
OSCM owns a majority interest in CCM Computer Accessories, a Plainview, Long Island value added reseller of customized solutions such as document imaging and archiving.
OSCM is also broadening its available fax and IP product offerings and has installed a network of gateways for facsimile and other IP phone services worldwide.
The first element of this campaign will begin on April 16, when OSCM and several allied companies including Access Power, Inc.