OSCMSOpen Source Content Management System
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And these are functions that OSCMS has not really built out to support.
Prior to choosing an OSCMS, experts recommend performing the necessary due diligence.
Once you have settled on a solid design, compare the features you need against the best-of-breed OSCMS systems available," Goodnight says.
Additionally, the OSCMS should provide an easy-to-use and intuitive interface to maximize productivity, thus minimizing the need for training and technical understanding of how to interact with the platform.
Finally, while it will always be necessary for a team to use a system to manage digital content and prepare it for publication, the OSCMS arena will evolve in two key ways in the near future.
And our experts seem to agree, you should at least be considering OSCMS.
Modern OSCMSs have evolved to provide better user interfaces for system administrators and content managers/publishers, improved code structure and architecture to embrace more developers, and enhanced support to connect to different channels (e.
Faster time-to-market (Since most OSCMSs leverage many companies using the platform, new implementations are quickly shared with the community.