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OSCPOnline Certificate Status Protocol (digital certificates)
OSCPOil Spill Contingency Plan
OSCPOffice of Science Coordination and Policy (EPA)
OSCPoligomycin sensitivity-conferring protein
OSCPOptical Supervisory Channel Protocol (Cisco)
OSCPOffensive Security Certified Professional (Certification)
OSCPOn-Scene Control Point
OSCPOffutt Subnet Communications Processor
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As a member of the OSCP, Net One Systems has continually demonstrated their expertise in the customization and integration of advanced IP services.
This formal collaboration within the OSCP establishes Net One Systems as the premiere IPsphere solution integration partner in the program and will enable innovative new solutions for service providers based on IPsphere Forum specifications.
The companies are partnering within the OSCP to enable innovative new solutions for providers that improve network efficiency and accelerate service velocity.
Introduced in June 2006, the OSCP facilitates the deployment of multiplay services such as IPTV and VoIP by opening up the IP network and enabling applications, services and subscribers to interact intelligently with the network.