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OSCPOnline Certificate Status Protocol (digital certificates)
OSCPOil Spill Contingency Plan
OSCPOffice of Science Coordination and Policy (EPA)
OSCPoligomycin sensitivity-conferring protein
OSCPOptical Supervisory Channel Protocol (Cisco)
OSCPOffensive Security Certified Professional (Certification)
OSCPOn-Scene Control Point
OSCPOffutt Subnet Communications Processor
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For more information on OSCP and CRT Equivalency go to: http://www.
Formally launched in January 2007, the OSCP is an application development program for creating innovative IP service management functionality by leveraging the power of the Juniper Networks Session and Resource Control Portfolio.
Inclusion in OSCP for Softek TDMF was accomplished by successfully completing a comprehensive and rigorous Oracle-supplied test suite for data mirroring and replication of Oracle Database technology.
The first major deliverable - the CONTENTsphere Field Trial Cookbook - in the OSCP collaboration will be presented by both companies this week at the IPsphere Forum's plenary meeting in Stockholm, Sweden.
The relationship between Siemens IT Solutions and Services PSE and Juniper dates back several years, and our organization is very pleased to extend this relationship with Juniper through the OSCP to deliver increased value to our customers," said Dr.
In a separate release issued today, Juniper announced new partnerships and solutions under development within the OSCP.