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OSCPOnline Certificate Status Protocol (digital certificates)
OSCPOil Spill Contingency Plan
OSCPOracle Storage Compatibility Program
OSCPOperational Security Current Practices
OSCPOffice of Science Coordination and Policy (EPA)
OSCPoligomycin sensitivity-conferring protein
OSCPOptical Supervisory Channel Protocol (Cisco)
OSCPOffensive Security Certified Professional (Certification)
OSCPOpen Source Compliance Program (India)
OSCPOn-Scene Control Point
OSCPOffutt Subnet Communications Processor
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Vignais, "Interactions between the oligomycin sensitivity conferring protein (OSCP) and beef heart mitochondrial F1ATPase.
XIOtech is certified with the OSCP for snap-shot technology and remote mirroring technology.
Compaq Computer Corporation (NYSE: CPQ), Houston, a global leader in technology and solutions, has announced that Oracle has approved Compaq as a qualified member of the Oracle(R) Storage Compatibility Program (OSCP) in the area of remote mirroring, utilizing Compaq SANworks Data Replication Manager, and as a qualified vendor in its Backup Solutions Program.