OSCREOpen Standards Consortium for Real Estate (UK)
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OSCRE is committed to work with all real estate stakeholders to drive standards adoption--not just standards creation--throughout the industry.
IFMA has been a highly active and supportive member of OSCRE, understanding the value interoperable data exchange standards provide their members and the real property industry.
ARCHIBUS software satisfies those federal requirements, and the growing number of similar state and private sector mandates, by delivering OSCRE and COBIE compliance, software tools for cost allocation and chargeback, Key Performance Indicator support, along with other performance measurement capabilities.
OSCRE is different than MISMO in that MISMO's core focus is data standards that are specific to mortgage-related and real property reporting information, compared with OSCRE, which goes beyond data standards into business process standards.
The use of geospatial data is expanding rapidly, particularly by the private sector, since geospatial information can be used by many real estate stakeholders for site selection, appraisal, brokerage, mortgage, insurance, facility management and other professions who seek information about demographics, crime, sales comparatives, foreclosures, and natural and man-made hazards such as wildfires, hurricanes, floodplains, terrorism and hazardous materials," states OSCRE CEO Andy Fuhrman.
The Executive Committee meets regularly to set OSCRE policy, including the priorities for the maintenance and development of standards.
The CDSS will be contributed to the Appraisal Institute Work Group (see box) at OSCRE Americas.
LAS VEGAS -- TRIRIGA([R]), the leading provider of real estate asset lifecycle management software, today announced it is the first software vendor to incorporate the OSCRE (Open Standards Consortium for Real Estate) Lease Abstract Exchange standard into an IWMS (Integrated Workplace Management Software) product.
We are involved in data standardization efforts through OSCRE (Open Standards Consortium for Real Estate) designed to support the exchange of information for all professionals who work with real estate around the world.
OSCRE was established in 2004 to bring together the various standards efforts for the entire industry, including commercial, corporate and residential.
A long time supporter of OSCRE, Resolve previously contributed subject matter expertise to OSCRE's commercial property management work group based on critical customer insight.
By participation in the Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization (MISMO) and membership in OSCRE Americas (Open Standards Consortium for Real Estate), the Appraisal Institute is at the forefront of this process and, without doubt, our members will reap the benefits from it.